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  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    I was hiking 20 years ago in Glacier Nat'l park and my group noticed Maury Povich and Connie Chung hiking on the same trail.  I was one of the group that didn't want to bother them on their vacation but one guy went over and introduced himself and said they were nice.  Pretty mundane.  I've like never really met any big celebrities and that is about the closest I have come to it.  I wonder if I just don't pay enough attention to who is around me or if I just haven't been in enough celebrity-ridden places.  

    Probably a bit of both.  
  • Re-introduce yourself!

    Hello my name is Mary.  Single, early 40's, one daughter, 2 dogs.  I live in Seattle and started listening to Bald Move GOT podcasts a few years ago, which stretched out to Bald Movies and then lots of other things.

    I work in manufacturing - actually in milk manufacturing so the whole bagged milk thing really piques my interest.  I have spent more time than anyone ever should in meetings where the weight of the plastic milk gallon is discussed and how much $$$ can be saved by reducing the plastic used.... Zzzzz.     You Canadians (and Indians) are onto something!  Seriously it seems like environmentally it would use much less plastic.  We really should look into this more!
    I don't comment or check in as much as I used to on the forums but the discussion seems to have died down in general a bit.  I still enjoy the podcasts and always hope they take up a show or movie that I like

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  • Brag on your kids

    I just watched my daughter's virtual high school graduation on the internet.  The school band all recorded the graduation march from their homes, and it blended together... pretty well.  One student sang the national anthem while proudly displaying black lives matter shirt and decorations on their cap.  The black national anthem was sung as well by another student.  All the teachers did a reading of an inspiring poem (one at a time, recorded mostly at their homes) based on "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr Seuss.  As the names were called we were connected with family and other students over the phone and text.   There was so much positivity and good-will in this crappy situation, I am still a little emotional over it all.

    Anyways I totally agree that this new generation is pretty terrific and will continue to be. They will be the first to really have to face the consequences of global warming, the first to be raised entirely with the internet present, and I mostly see kindness, compassion, and a "let's do the right thing" spirit from this group.  Thanks for starting this post - I agree so much mykhailo - and your daughter is a terrific artist, thanks for sharing her art.  
  • Best Under the Radar Shows?

    Dead to Me on Netflix - it's sort of on the radar I guess as season 2 just came out.  The plot is very twisty in a fun way.  Sometimes it can be a wee bit melodramatic,  but it is a weird and fun watch.  Christina Applegate really gives a good performance and really the whole cast is solid.  There are two short seasons out now so a good binge for people stuck at home.

  • Quarantine Eats

    My daughter lost her work hours weeks ago since she does low level marketing, which mostly is handing out samples of greek yogurt in grocery stores or events on weekends part time.  She is a senior in high school so many things are being missed this year and it is a bummer.   But, we are healthy so far and doing relatively ok in this time so we are grateful.  Anyways,  her employer has been awesome, paying her almost what she was making already though she is off, but she has an assignment, which is.... - 

      To make recipes using the greek yogurt of the company she works for and sharing them with the company.  So we have been doing that together in quarantine-time.  So far we have made mushroom stroganoff with greek yogurt instead of sour cream (she is vegetarian), donuts with yogurt in them, egg bites in the instant pot with greek yogurt instead of cottage cheese (yum).  But she needs more recipes, is hoping for another sweet dessert thing for the next idea.  If anyone has ideas we would appreciate!   She kind of wants another sweet idea next, but any idea is appreciated.  All the recipes you all have shown so far look terrific!   
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