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  • National Guard Question

    Hello Bald Movers - I am curious if anyone has had experience in the united states national guard, as far as using it as a way to help pay for school and how it impacted life?

    My daughter is thinking of joining as a way to help her pay for college and build some experience.  I would appreciate it if anyone has any input on this that they can share.  She has talked to a recruiter and we have done some basic web research and it seems like it might be a good path but also a lot of commitment and some uncertainty in how it all works.    I am not that familiar with the national guard and would like to hear from people who are not the recruiter for more rounded opinions if possible.  Thought that this might be a place to reach out.  Thank you for any information you can provide!
  • Cobra Kai

    I decided to watch this after hearing it was pretty good and ended up binge watching over a couple days - I liked it quite a bit.  It's got its issues and is quite trop-y in a lot of ways but it's a fun watch and it's got heart.  I don't love the way the 2nd season ended. It was pretty bonkers and went a bit too far for what should be a show that I thought of as comfort-watching.  But anything can happen in season 3!    
  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    @Murderbear you made me feel all the nostalgia - used to go to King's Island and Cedar Point at least once every summer during my teenage years!  I lived in Columbus OH for awhile which is pretty much exactly between the two parks.  I always liked Cedar Point better for the coasters but I loved KI too!  I think every time I rode the Beast there was a group of frat boy types in the line yelling "The BEEEAAAST!!!"  over and over again.  At least that is my memory.  That is a great Weird Al story and definitely not mundane!
  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    I was hiking 20 years ago in Glacier Nat'l park and my group noticed Maury Povich and Connie Chung hiking on the same trail.  I was one of the group that didn't want to bother them on their vacation but one guy went over and introduced himself and said they were nice.  Pretty mundane.  I've like never really met any big celebrities and that is about the closest I have come to it.  I wonder if I just don't pay enough attention to who is around me or if I just haven't been in enough celebrity-ridden places.  

    Probably a bit of both.  
  • Re-introduce yourself!

    Hello my name is Mary.  Single, early 40's, one daughter, 2 dogs.  I live in Seattle and started listening to Bald Move GOT podcasts a few years ago, which stretched out to Bald Movies and then lots of other things.

    I work in manufacturing - actually in milk manufacturing so the whole bagged milk thing really piques my interest.  I have spent more time than anyone ever should in meetings where the weight of the plastic milk gallon is discussed and how much $$$ can be saved by reducing the plastic used.... Zzzzz.     You Canadians (and Indians) are onto something!  Seriously it seems like environmentally it would use much less plastic.  We really should look into this more!
    I don't comment or check in as much as I used to on the forums but the discussion seems to have died down in general a bit.  I still enjoy the podcasts and always hope they take up a show or movie that I like

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