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  • 108 - A God Walks Into A Bar - Spoilers

    I had a thought about when Cal saves Angela on the White Night - maybe Calhattan "zapping" the 7K guy is what made them start thinking Cal was Dr. Manhattan?  That is kind of a missing piece - how did they find out about Cal?  A lack of a 7K body in Angela's house would probably make them start looking into it.  Cal's amnesia and lack of history with Angela prior to their move to Tulsa would probably trigger some thoughts as they were investigating.  It would explain why Judd was staying close with Angela for years to keep an eye on her and Cal (though it does seem like they had a prior friendship as coworkers) while the 7K built their tachyon laser thingy.  Maybe this is obvious but I only thought of it about a day after I watched the episode.  

    It would be good to get some closure on Judd's role in all of this.  I would like to think he had a genuine friendship with Angela and he is a more complicated character than just a 7k racist but maybe not.  There is a lot to wrap up in last episode.  I don't know if they will be able to land everything but I do think it will be a satisfying finale.  

  • Help a Legion (S1) Noob - No spoilers

    I get the frustration but I think season one may have the most straightforward  narrative of the whole show so far.  I remember not knowing what is real and what isn’t which is frustrating and is a part of a lot of shows these days (looking at you Westworld) and doesn’t always pay off. But imo legion S1 unfolds brilliantly as it  goes on. Maybe if you approach it like those old 3D art posters -  pay attention but don’t try to focus too hard and it will all come clear. TBH some stuff is never clarified but it all more or less makes sense at end of season. If you go on with the show, S2 is less cohesive- still awesome but I think I liked S1 more as a whole. I hope you come to enjoy it. It is definitely a unique and creative show. 
  • Book vs Show

    Nicbatz said:
    Show watcher only here... I've always toyed with reading them, but should I start at the beginning at this point? Is it worth it? A.Ron told Jim to start with Book 4, presumably the worst book, which I was considering. Thoughts?
    If you like reading, start at the beginning. The first 2-3 are the better books In the series. And there are quite a few differences between book and show that will add up. It has been awhile since I read them but I think it would be better to not skip any. 
  • 805 - The Bells

    I don't know how I feel yet. I don't hate it - I have been watching with a form of "fan bankruptcy" since season 5.   I think it is all ok honestly as far as overall storyline.   It is just the details that suck.  It is too rushed and getting from point A to B just doesn't make sense in the show anymore.  

     I believe Dany is capable of being mad, yet I find this episode to be a head-scratcher.   She had the throne with relatively few deaths! And then she goes after the innocents in the city and the troops that surrendered?  Because Cersei killed Missandei?  Because Jon won't eff her anymore?  We have seen this character over 8 seasons channeling her energy into helping the common people out.  And Dany is pretty much invincible now with her dragon, right?  How can the Starks and Tyrion take her out now and not totally ruin fan believability even more?  Will ghost-euron come back and shoot the last dragon down?  I guess Arya is still alive with her assassin skills.  Or maybe sane-Dany will come back for a bit and she will kill herself out of shame or something.  

    Well I started rewatching season one this week, and I saw that Jorah says the Dothraki believe the world ends with a type of white grass that kills everything as it grows (white-walker grass?).  I hope the show ends with a site of zombie-grass growing.  Maybe azor-ahai is actually a valerian-steel lawnmower?  I realize I sound negative and sarcastic.  I guess I am but also I really don't have that high of expectations so I am mostly OK with the show going the way it has.  It is just a tv show after all and we got 4 amazing seasons out of it and the remaining 4 had some pretty good moments.  I hope the ending is ok.  I am guessing we won't get a lot of closure of side plots like what is going on in Essos and Bronn and Brienne and Sam and Bran and all that stuff.  We will see.  

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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    While watching the end I was thinking- What if Missandei had just made a surprise push for Cersei and went over the edge of the platform with her?  I believe her hands were bound but she might’ve been able to do that.