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    Code Vein  - Finished, and I’m revising my original statement a bit - it is more forgiving than the actual dark souls game, so if you want a souls-like experience that is more laid-back, this is a reasonable place to look. Overall, an enjoyable game.

    Superliminal - Installed on a whim off game pass (it’s from the superhot guys), finished in a day, and would recommend. It’s only a few hours long, has clever puzzle mechanics that don’t outstay their welcome, and is just weird fun.
  • What are you playing?

    Inscryption is on the wishlist lol, I'll be picking it up if it doesn't come to gamepass. 
  • What are you playing?

    Sable  - Finished (? - at least I was happy ending where I was - because of the nature of the game you can "finish" in a couple hours or spend I would guess 25+ hours exploring every nook and cranny and getting everything). I really, really enjoyed my time with the game, but I don't know if I can recommend it. A beautiful world, amazing art style, a story told through world building and hints to the past and subtle touches, it felt lived in and real but not crowded, every time I saw a new ruin or building I wanted to explore and see what was inside. But I'm not sure how much game is actually in this game. There's no fail state, you can't die, the puzzles that exist are really simple, the physics are a wonky at times, there's some bugs for sure (nothing gamebreaking but stuff like the shop menus not working right and clipping through stuff designed to launch you unless you stand in exactly the right place), and most of the quests are simply go to a place and get 3 things. But I loved the time I spent in its world. It's free on game pass, I think like $20 new if you don't have game pass, give it a try IMO. 

    Slay the Spire - As a longtime Magic the Gathering player, surprised I hadn't tried this earlier. Roguelike Deckbuilder is a fun combination, although I've done 4 runs and the one I finished was the daily challenge one which was a bit anti-climactic lol. 
  • Station Eleven

    I remember liking the book (although don't remember a ton about it), and finished the first episode. I like it so far, but it's a bit of a hard watch given, well, everything. 
  • What are you playing?

    Finally did the login fix! lol. 

    GOT A SERIES X AT MSRP! WOOHOO! All it took was having a friend of a friend who worked for Microsoft and got an employee purchase link. Sheesh. 

    Control - Really enjoyed this! A good length, very cool world, and solid gameplay. Playing it made me really happy that it was the last hurrah for my release Xbox 1, though, as I would get insane chugging coming out of the pause screen and had probably 5 hard crashes, which I have had maybe 3 total in all other games across the life of this console.

    Also, the fake-out end credits before the real end was a lot of fun.

    Flynn, Son of Crimson - Downloaded on a lark off game pass (aside - Game Pass remains the single best value in gaming right now. The selection is insane. I haven't bought a game in like 6 months) as I needed another game I could play while the 4 year old was awake. Fun, light little semi-metroidvania platformer. Would recommend to anyone who's a fan of the genre and wants an entry on the easier side. Probably about 4-5 hours to beat.

    The Art of Rally - I was excited for this as I wanted a simpler racing game, and while the art style is great, the game was extremely meh. Controls felt floaty and inconsistent and it was weirdly unforgivable when you got off the road. If you were like 10 feet off and angling back on, it would often just kick you back onto the road at a dead stop and give you a time penalty. Didn't end up finishing.