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    Hatorian said:
    Problem with governments is it’s filled with lobbyists. And even politicians with good intentions get sucked into the greed. 

    Problem with businesses is it’s all about stock price and short term wins. CEOs maybe have a year to show what their worth. They don’t think long term. 

    We really are sort of on our own when it comes to doing things in our best interest. 
    It would be trivially easy (legally, not politically) to ban lobbying. And we can't be on our own to do things in our best interest, because what happens when my best interest is taking everything you own? 

    This doom and gloom the government will never be good attitude is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy. Especially when we've seen the US government make great social and scientific strides in the past, and we can currently see other governments doing well by their people. It's clearly possible. We just need to do it. 
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    Dee said:
    @asmallcat I think people hear mandate and think it means some government official coming to your house and pinning you down to jab you. In Australia, we have mandatory immunisation for children unless they fit into a (very) narrow medical exemption category. I could be wrong, but I believe that not even religious exemptions are accepted anymore. Children must be fully immunised to attend child care centres or kindergartens (pre-school), and there are also government child benefit payments that parents don’t get - one of which is a child care subsidy worth thousands of dollars to a full time working parent. So they can choose not to immunise their child, but they miss out on a fair chunk of money and may not be able to enrol their kid anywhere.  

    We also have a government electronic health record that shows your immunisation status - I just got a message the other day after my second jab saying mine had been updated. So although I’m sure people could find a way to fake that, it’s not that easy for any random Covidiot to do. 
    While we here in the US certainly should have had more robust vaccine tracking, due to the vagaries of federalism the federal government can't really do much in terms of making vaccines mandatory besides either requiring them to enter federal facilities (something that wouldn't impact most people), requiring them to work for a federal agency (which they are basically doing now), or making it a federal crime to not be vaccinated. The federal government can't order schools or universities to require vaccines for attendance, as they fall under the purview of the state governments, and we have about 50% of the states that won't ever do it because now it's become a political issue (even though these exact states already require probably ~10 other vaccines for students). 

    FWIW it's become increasingly clear that giving so much power to the states in the US was a mistake. We would be much better served with a powerful federal government, killing the senate, and leaving to the states much smaller things, but that's a pipe dream. 
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    My problem with government mandated vaccines is I don't trust the government.  The government is largely incompetent in the best of times, and downright evil in the worst of times.  I'm 100% behind businesses mandating vaccines for employees and customers, but I really don't think government mandates will help, or are good.  Perhaps that's a result of me being fiercely anti-authoritarian.  (On the pol-compass I'm pretty close to the bottom.)

    I have to say, I find it extremely odd when people say they don't trust the government (which, in theory at least, exists to do the will of the people) but then trust business, when it has been shown time and again that corporations will happily kill people if they think the profit will be higher than the cost of the lawsuits (takata airbags, GM ignition switches, and climate change as extremely recent examples, not to mention the constant pollution, and when you go to countries with weak regulation it's shit like locking people in factories so that when there's a fire they all die). And the idea that government is largely incompetent is a creation of the deregulation spree that started with Reagan. Governments, both in the US and abroad, have accomplished incredible things. But yes, when agencies are wildly underfunded and kicked around as a political football, yeah, the service tends to get worse. 
  • Rick and Morty S5

    Hatorian said:
    No. He says “dead daughter” for sure. I’m in a fan group on Facebook as well and that’s all their talking about. 

    I thought blood ridge happened before he got the portal gun? There is a scene where Rick has what looks like a Stone Age version of a gun. 
    Oh, sorry, I meant in addition to saying the daughter was dead, memory Rick says to real Rick "you're one of those creeps that moves in with abandoned adult Beths" (just rewatched that part to be sure). "You live with a version of our dead daughter." So what I'm saying is this version of Rick had his daughter die and now lives with a different reality's Smith family. So he has to have portal gunned at some point out of the Blood Ridge reality to the new one, and thus the Bird Person whose head he is inside either isn't the same Bird Person as the Blood Ridge Bird Person, or that Bird Person had to have traveled through a portal at some point and so would know what they do. That's all. 
  • NFL 21/22

    Noel said:
    It was a mistake to watch the first episode of Hard Knocks. I’m going to watch the entire season and it will have me believing in the Cowboys. Man, I just can’t help myself.
    The pieces are there. The Cowboys being contenders isn't that crazy. And who knows, as JJ gets older maybe he actually wants to win something and will finally learn to be more hands off. 

    Haaaa, hahaha I almost convinced myself that might happen. As long as JJ is so hands on it feels like a long shot for the Cowboys to make a deep playoff run.