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    It's great you 2 post so much in here lol, this is one of my daily check threads! 
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    Wife and I also watched and enjoyed Sweet Tooth, but I thought it was a one-off mini-series and it definitely isn't. The season ends with essentially a cliffhanger. 
  • Rick and Morty S5

    First 2 episodes of the season have both been good IMO. Nice to see the quality is remaining high. 

    Also glad I got over my apathy and caught up to present. Season 4 was a lot of fun too. 
  • What are you binging right now?

    Admount said:
    ray_x03 said:
    I binged the entirety of Schitt's Creek in 5 days (ultimate self-isolation madness). What a wonderful show that really spoke volumes about the potential for changes in individuals for the better, and a lovely queer romance that isn't weighted down by the need for a coming out plot (not that those are not important - it is fresh to see something like this work out so well). Love that the final season swept the Emmys last year and I got to binge YouTube clips of Dan Levy looking fire in his kilt and losing it 6 times.

    Would recommend to anyone who is in for a binge-worthy snappy comedy (though I've heard complaints about season 1).

    Oh and Catherine O'Hara is absolutely amazing. In fact the whole cast is amazing.
    Loved this show too! For any who are skeptical of season 1, the Chris Elliott character becomes less prominent as time goes on and that helped the show a lot for me. 
    They also tone down the most annoying aspect of his character which is the gross humor. It seems like a lot of successful shows start out with one-note supporting characters and learn to tone it down and make them more interesting as time goes on. Brooklyn 99 springs to mind - Boyle's "thing" in season one was that he was clumsy. That was it. And Parks and Rec season one is ROUGH. Andy was basically an antagonist. 
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    But only in the countries where it is profitable to be pro LGBTQ+.