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  • How to fix Dany’s turn in “The Bells”

    I had this exact conversation at work yesterday. Someone posted a re-edit of Rhaegal's death on reddit that was a million times better, and what you came up with is essentially the same thing we were imagining for s08e05.

    I actually think a re-mastered version of Season 8 could fix a lot of the problems. Episode 3 is way too dark, and that's easy to fix. You could probably re-edit some scenes to show how half the dothraki survived. I imagine you could splice in some footage to make a scene of Jon saying goodbye to Ghost. Cutting out some of the shots of Arya dodging dragon fire in Kings Landing would probably help too. And some of the other stuff people didn't love (Jaime vs Euron fight) could probably just be cut all together.

  • 4.10 Winner (Season Finale)

    This was a disappointing season for me. It was 10 episodes of Jimmy selling cell phones and Mike babysitting some Germans digging a hole. In past seasons there were some good jokes or clever scams, but nothing from this season really sticks out in my mind. The final scene was predicted by some guy on Reddit a week ago, so nothing in this episode really changed my mind.

    I was really hoping we'd see a lot of Gene in season 5, but now I'm worried it will mostly be about Kim and Jimmy's breakup.
  • No spoilers 410 stuff

    There's a ton of stuff they need to stick in there for me to be excited for Season 5.

    The final season can't just be more Jimmy on suspension. We need to see some actual Saul, and ideally a bunch of Eugene. If they leave it to the last few episodes of the series to show us the ultimate fate of the character, I'd be very disappointed. I really don't want to see them milk the Kim & Jimmy suspense either - if they flirt with her death or their breakup, it's going to get old real quick.