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  • Great British Baking Show (spoilers)

    Being forced to wait week to week for episodes almost kills me, and yet I am mature enough to admit that it is nice to have it stretched out. Normally I would binge in a frenzy and then feel awful it was all gone. 
  • Harmontown

    Oh man-I just recently started this thrill ride as well. I am almost through the whole catalog, I started at the beginning and then decided to pay to see the videos so I started listening to an old episode and then watching a new one. I have loved Dan, hated Dan, been appalled by Dan, and gone right back to loving him. What a ride! I also started listening to Duncan Trussell's podcast  and that is a delightful rabbit hole! Any other Duncan Trussell Family Hour listeners? 
  • Lost (spoilers)

    @Michelle I am listening to the same ones you are! I started with the Storm (loved them for GOT) and then they mentioned Down the Hatch. I agree, Down the Hatch is my fave of the two! I need to seek out the one they mentioned that was actually going when the show started. I can never remember what it is called. 
  • Lost (spoilers)

    @Michelle I had no idea there were groups or podcasts or even that Reddit existed when I watched Lost. I was wondering and questioning and writing things down and other than a person or two I could make listen to me at work-I was all alone! I am loving going back in time and listening to the rewatch podcasts now. I can believe it has been 15 years! 
  • Lost (spoilers)

    Giovanni said:
    The thing I remember most is them finding the hatch. That was one of the ultimate wtf is going on moments for me. I was totally in by that point. 
    THE HATCH!!! I don't know, even years later, that anything has caught my imagination like that damn hatch. Finding it, excavating it, opening it. And then...after all that build up-DESMOND. So good. I am doing a rewatch with The Storm podcast and they are just starting the hatch episodes. I am still giddy about it decades, and several re-watch times later.