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    I find my 335 just needs more routine maintenance (nut sanding and lube) to keep tune. I've seen something called a string butler that you can add to the headstock that eliminates the design flaw that makes them susceptible to tuning issues, but I haven't tried it.
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    I agree with everything above. The hardware and electronics on a Gretsch are gonna be more valuable than any other components on the other options we are outlining. In that vein an SX will have zero resale value, by that same token you should be able to find one dirt cheap on the secondary markets. I am not actually this big of a SX stan but wanted to extend the subsequent context to the thing I had recommended.
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    Travis said:
    Maybe you guys can help me out. I'm weighing whether to buy a cheap starter bass to learn on. I have an old hand me down Gretsch, but it's got some years on it and it's been beat up pretty good (thus it can be a little wonky functionally) and I sort of long term lent it to my nephew. Also it's a 3/4 which I have liked about it in the past, but if I'm going to really take a run at actually learning I may as well do so on the real deal. Anyhoo, the point of all of that is I don't really want to more than $100-$150 or so on it because I have one technically and it's just for me to screw around with for fun. So I guess my question is, is there a starter bass (just he axe, no worries on the full package or anything like that) that fits in that picture? Any recommendations? Should I just call back my old one?
    Thanks everybody!
    I'd second what everyone has said above about looking for a decent squire on the used market, usually they are pretty easy to find. I will also mention that I found an SX at a few years ago for a project that was way nicer than I was expecting and I ended up keeping it. At the time it was around or below 150 but it seems like the virus disrupted their supply chain and so what little they have right now is a little pricier than it used to be. But if you see SX on the used markets (craigslist or Reverb) I'd consider it as well. 
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    I think the theory is true and I think while the DDs wont go whole hog with it they have winked at it.

    "Dwarves are always bastards"

    also Tywin says something to the effect of

    "You are a Lannister and I can't prove you aren't mine"
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    Green Peppers are just unripe peppers