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  • Protests Across the America

    I live about 20 minutes north of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Haven't gone out of my house since George Floyd was murdered except to drive up north to my cabin this past weekend. That really isn't out of the ordinary as I've been staying and working from home for quite a while with everything going on with COVID. I'm safe where I'm at as the riots and destruction haven't made it very far outside Minneapolis and Saint Paul but it's utter destruction downtown. We've had every curfews every night since Saturday and it's continuing for several more days. It's horrifying seeing the destruction that's happening but it's also heartwarming seeing all the people that have come together to help clean up and donation centers having to turn things away because they have no room because of how much has been donated. Everybody stay safe wherever you are. Love my Bald Move family
  • Trailers and Upcoming Movies Thread

    cdrive said:
    This looks really promising....

    While I'm not typically a horror movie fan, extremely well made ones I am always drawn to. I definitely have an interest in that based off the trailer and the quotes by random critics or whoever they were.
  • What grinds my gears (today)

    100% on Lily's side with that. That's absolute bullshit that they did that and especially that they never said anything. At least have the decency to ask. 

    And @Michelle sorry to hear about your situation as well. You never touch another person's clothes in general let alone changing them over from the wash to the dryer and especially not with everything going on with COVID and knowing that you currently have it. You have every right to be as upset as you want to be. 
  • Best/Most Moving Scene In One Pic

    Noel said:
    Noel said:
    If that is what I think it is from...then god yes. 
    It’s incredible how well they handled his ACTUAL death at the end of this movie. In a film franchise filled with shameless over the top action scenes and saving the world. THIS is the franchise that made me sob! I went back to watch it one more time and it still gets to me pretty heavy.
    I am right there with you. I remember seeing this in theaters and the amount of men crying openly in theaters was heartwarming. I most definitely was one of them.
  • Trailers and Upcoming TV Thread

    I thought season 1 was good but not great. I'll for sure be checking out season 2. Loved the use diegetic music in the 1st season ...