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  • Joker (Spoilers)

    amyja89 said:
    JaimieT said:
    Robert Downey Jr. is turning down an Oscars campaign... right after Joker. Nice timing there. He tied it into Scorsese's comments about superhero movies just being for fun, which makes him look very artistic.
    Smart move from him all round. He gets to leave the MCU on top, without having to go through an entire awards season of backlash pieces detailing how much he doesn't deserve an Oscar for playing Iron Man because, well, he really doesn't!*

    *in my opinion obvs obvs obvs

    I'm big into the MCU movies and go see all Marvel movies opening night and in all honesty I don't think RDJ deserves an Oscar either.  Did he put up a great performance, yes, but not anything that's Oscar worthy in my opinion.  
  • NFL 2018/19 Chat Thread

    It's funny because even if they tweaked the rule to allow coaches to challenge all penalty calls, I still think the refs keep the call on the field as called.  For PI (at least so far in the regular season), they seem unwilling to reverse a call when it's clear cut, so why would they change anything else?  Maybe in the playoffs, it might be something different.  Then again, with only a limited amount of games, a game like last night can be the difference between getting into the playoffs and not.
    Especially in the NFC North division.  I'm from MN and a Vikings fan and it's one of those seasons where everybody in our division seems legit.  I didn't think the Lions were until they marched into Lambeau Field and played as well as they did.  Winning this division is going to be tough and even more so when the refs blow calls and throw flags for nothing that effect the game like it did. 
  • NFL 2018/19 Chat Thread

    49ers turned LA into a home game, unbelievable season so far. It's been fun that the narrative after every game has been that the team they played is actually really bad but it feels like people are starting to come around nationally. At some point its not a coincidence that everyone they play has a terrible day on offense.
    49ers seem like a legit team and I'm excited for their fans.  I've got a friend I used to work with that was a huge 49ers fan and he and I got along really well so as long as they aren't playing the Vikings, I root for them.  Unlike another old co-worker of mine was a huge Patriots fan and a complete deusch about it so I will forever hate the Patriots because of him.   
  • Succession - HBO

    I see a lot of Reddit posts about Logan planning this to go either way for Kendall to show he was capable of taking over or to take the fall. But there's no way a COO who was complicit in a coverup is going to be the CEO in charge of cleaning it up, right?
    I 100% read that as Logan testing Kendall and whether he can be the "killer" his dad said that he wasn't.  You see tiniest of mouth movements moving towards a smirk after that press conference on Logan and I think 100% he was testing Kendall with this and Kendall essentially was either going to pass and throw him under the bus or fail and take the fall for it all.  I think you are correct although I have no idea who else could really take the company over.
  • All at once!!

    Hunkulese said:
    I am grateful there even is a season 4 but I just don't understand the logic of dripping them all at once. Is anybody going to try and watch one at a time then listen to podcasts? 
    If they do a proper podcast, I'll definitely watch along with them. If they do the Stranger Things approach, well I'll still listen but I'll quietly complain to myself of what could have been. Their Stranger Things coverage is by far their weakest content, but it's not really their fault. Trying to cover an entire season over a weekend is never going to produce great results.
    Agree with this completely.  100% the fault of the format of release regarding Stranger Things.  What pisses me off the most is that this is a show that would benefit greatly from the weekly talk of the episode with everybody else that watches it.  Now everybody is at a different episode at different times and you always walk the line regarding remember what happened in what episode so you don't ruin anything for anybody else.  Oh well.  Like @stephen.jones44 said, I should just be grateful there is a season 4.