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  • How can I track my own device

    cdrive said:
    Goddammit @awookiee
    In my defense it was meant for our recently deceased, boner pill slinging friend, but our loyal leaders already eradicated the Russian bot known as RosaWalton.
  • How can I track my own device

  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Just got a burrito bowl from Chipotle that I ordered online and typically I'm a little disappointed at the amount of food I get when I order online vs. get it in store.  Not today  :)  Zombieland rule number 32: Enjoy the little things.
    Eine Fraumajjam0770Travis
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix - early reviews

    I think this thread has more reviews of rotten tomatoes than the movie. 
    My bad my bad, I was the one that started us down this dark path of Rotten Tomatoes criticism lol.
    ChinaskiTeresa from Concord
  • Chernobyl vs Sharp Objects at the Emmys

    Michelle said:
    awookiee said:
    Isn't True Detective a limited series as well? I gotta think that will make some noise. It wouldn't be my pick for Best Series, but Ali against Harris is tough.

    Chernobyl edges out Sharp Objects. Sharp Objects plays with some important ideas in an interesting way, but Chernobyl just feels important as a work.
    I think you are correct, although I don't agree that True Detective should be in the same category. 
    Since it has repeated seasons as opposed to Sharper Objects or Chernobyl (1 season each, a limited run), you are right and I agree, it shouldn't be in the same category.  That said, True Detective season 3 was reallllly good and deserves to win in whatever category it lands in, if only for Mahershala Ali's and Steven Dorff's performances alone.
    hahahaha you called it Sharper Objects too.  Damn you Stranger Things for creating this monster that makes EVERYBODY refer to Sharp Objects by the wrong name.