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  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    awookiee said:
    Zombieland 2! I thought it was pretty good. Had a lot of nice callbacks as you would expect and the action was alright. Didn't blow me away like the first one did but it held its own. And also I didn't realize Rosario Dawson was in this so that was a nice surprise! And there is a fun thing just a little bit into the credits. Definitely won't ruin it but it's a really fun thing.
    I thought the same.  There was no way that this could do better than the first because, well it's the first one and we knew what to expect going into it.  Going into the 1st movie I had absolutely zero expectations and it completely blew everybody away.  The 2nd one is very good and definitely recreates some of that magic but there was no way it could compete with the 1st.  And yes there is a mid-credits scene about a minute or two into the credits and another 15 second scene after all the credits.
    I'm glad I had more fun than A.Ron did watching this apparently. I agree with most of their criticisms but I definitely don't agree that it was a joyless as they said. It's definitely a retread but I guess I just had more fun with it. To each their own though.
    Just got done with listening to the podcast and I think the guys went into this with way too much of a critical mindset.  The plot was far from perfect but it didn't matter because it was just a very fun movie to sit down and enjoy.  The 1 thing I was looking forward to most was the intro and it did not disappoint.  As soon as the Metallica music hit with the intro I was 100% on board and enjoyed almost every minute of it.  It sounds dumb but I would have been disappointed if the intro music was anything but Metallica.  
  • 401 - Unauthorized

    Another random tidbit that I just heard about regarding episode 1.  Jake Busey plays Freddy Lomax in this episode, his father played a character by the name of Eddie Lomax in the movie The Firm.  
  • Watchmen

    So I was just listening to the /Film Daily podcast and they had a guest on that saw the first episode of watchmen and it didn't sound like she had seen the entire series of The Leftovers but she stated  "I'm glad I saw a couple episodes of The Leftovers before I watched this pilot because there's a lot of shared DNA with this Watchmen pilot and the leftovers at least the beginning of it."  I think Lindelof just has that style of storytelling that feels a certain way and it worked perfectly for Leftovers and I feel like it would work well for where Watchmen is picking up after the movie/graphic novel.
  • Expanse at New York Comic Con 2019

    Gearing up to start the series (I know I should have watched sooner) and only see the podcast for season 3. Is this right?
    I thought there was coverage from the first 2 seasons but I could be mistaken.  I'm seeing the same thing you are seeing though, maybe it was covered in Bald Move TV? 

    EDIT: just did a quick google search and they at least did season 2 on Bald Move TV...
    Elisaken hale
  • Breaking Bad Movie

    JTKIII said:
    The 2 minute El Camino trailer just dropped and it was a masterpiece from start to finish.
    God damn this looks amazing.  Makes me want to go back and binge watch all of Breaking Bad but there's no way I have the time to do that.