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  • Best Under the Radar Shows?

    Black Sails was an extremely well done show and I feel like most people don't know about it. I didn't up until the final season was released and that show was far more complex than what you would expect out if a TV show based on pirates.
  • What are you binging right now?

    Black Sails.  Just read a book about pirates, so am loving the name dropping of real characters so far (Vane, Bonny, Rackham etc..) and the real customs (electing the quartermaster and the captain).  Just into season 1 so far.  
    Black Sails was a very underrated show. That show was extremely well written and acted. Might have to revisit this in the near future.
  • What are you binging right now?

    Just got caught up on Killing Eve and found this show a very pleasant surprise. I had heard very good things about it but I wasn't sure I'd personally like it very much. Sandra Oh is very good but Jodie Comer absolutely steals the spotlight. She is absolutely electric and although she plays what would typically be a very unlikable character you can't help but love her. 
  • 510: Something Unforgivable (Spoilers)

    Dee said:
    I do not like this Kim. 
    I am with you on that Dee, I absolutely don't like Slipping Kimmy. She's better than this and now her and Saul have reversed roles. She's the one pushing thus sketchy scheme to get ahead and get what she wants. I don't know how much of her motivation is for her own practice and how much is just to embarrass and destroy Howard but regardless I don't like it. 

    This season I would argue has been the best season of Better Call Saul. I found everything pretty compelling although I think the Mike and Nacho plotline didn't really get good until later in the season. 

    Loved the coverage from Jim and Alexis. I know there was clearly a vocal group early on that expressed frustrations with A Ron bowing out but I think it was for the better and I think Jim and Alexis did an amazing job. 
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  • Westworld - 304: The Mother of Exiles

    I can’t remember a show that frustrated me as much as this one. It would be one thing if the show was just bad and I would just stop watching. But there is so clearly an incredible kernel of ideas at the core of this show, but Nolan and Joy spend nearly all of their time misleading and obscuring meaningless plot points that there’s no time for any of the actual good stuff. 

    The tricks worked incredibly in Season 1 because it was novel and more importantly it was thematically relevant. Obscuring the fact that it was a bunch of Dolores copies is just a dumb rug pull, and they spent nearly the entirety of half the season fixated on it. Can anyone explain how this is thematically important or how it changes our understanding of any of these characters? 
    I understand your frustrations and I know a large majority of the theory crafting out there has focused on who is inside Hale's head but I'd be disappointed if episode 1 they just came out and said Hale is Teddy or Angela or Dolores. I feel like it only made sense that who Dolores took out of the park was going to be a mystery. 

    I will admit it was a bit anticlimactic of a reveal but I feel a big part of that comes with the fact it has been theorized and talked about a fair amount on the web. Regardless of who's pearl was in Hale's head someone would have predicted it because there were predictions for every single character that's been in the show... Even the elephant and tiger thanks to our favorite podcasters lol. 

    All in all I've been very happy with this season. It's not nearly the puzzlebox that last season was but they haven't gone away completely from the puzzlebox. Aaron Paul is killing it and aside from some of the action scenes the acting has been absolute top notch. But as discussed in this episodes instant take, i appreciate that it's actually the actors doing those scenes and not stunt men and women with quick cuts.