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  • Discussion for episodes 307 & 308, "The Bite" and "The Battle of Starcourt"

    cdrive said:
    I'm glad Jim said a thing about how beautiful it looked.  The actual battle of star court in The Battle of Star Court was a god damn visual masterpiece.  So kudos to the person or group of persons who led the way on that.  You have an actual star-shaped court, a polygonal area which visually shoots great as a battle arena.  You have a large two-story cavity with glass ceiling and it's surrounded by a hodge-podge assortment of neon signs glowing different colors and blinking incandescent bulbs in displays.  Then that bouquet of light gets stretched and is complimented by all that shiny, reflective 80's veneer, tile and brass trimming.  Then you got satan's babies getting tossed from each point of this star's 2nd level. Green, Purple, Pink...all the wonderful fireworks colors.  And the monster has a wet slimy coating so all the light is reflecting off it as well. It was just really fucking beautiful.  
    I second this completely.  Both the sound and the visuals of this entire season were fantastic.  I watched it in a completely blacked out room on an OLED TV that excels in dark scenes and black levels and there aren't many shows or movies I've watched that have encapsulated me and put me right in the middle of it like this show did.  It might have part to do with how much I truly enjoy this show but regardless the visuals and audio was impressive.  The Russian machine firing up in the intro to the first episode was extremely impressive as well.  
  • Finished The Wire for the first time

    So I started The Wire probably 2 months ago or so and have been plugging away at it and just finished it.  This was my first watch through and it really was only on my radar because of Jim and A.Ron's constant side chatter regarding how amazing of a series it was and it certainly didn't disappoint.  Season 2 was the least entertaining for me but even so was still a great season of television.  As they were going through the final season I was constantly thinking how the hell are they even going to attempt to pull this off regarding everything that McNulty and Freamon were entangled in.  That last couple minute montage of all the different aspects going through and closing up was perfect.  I especially was excited to see that Bubbles is on the straight and narrow and how he turned his life around and that Michael essentially ended up being the new Omar. 

    The guys are 2 for 2 on their highly recommended with both The Wire and The Leftovers.  Both were amazing shows with some amazing talent.  I still love seeing John Wick and seeing Daniels playing the desk man of The Continental gives me a grin every single time.   Also the actor that plays Freamon is in the first movie for a short scene as well.

    What are some of your favorite scenes from the entire series?
  • AMC A-List

    Travis said:
    I'm gathering from the background here that there aren't restrictions (beyond only being able to, in a way of speaking, have 3 tickets in play at a time). Is that correct? I don't know if we go to the movies enough to justify $44/month for both of us, but I could see us going more if that was on the table. Something to think about.
    Yes you are correct in that there are really no restrictions.  The only thing that isn't included is special movie marathons or the fan events that happen.  The other thing worth mentioning is that different states have slightly different price points for A list.  I pay 21.95 per month in Minnesota but California is in the higher bracket that is 23.95.  I believe it's more or less because the ticket prices in those states are higher than most other states.  It more than pays for itself for me, I go to 1 Dolby showing at the theater near me and it's about $18 per ticket, so with 1 movie the monthly subscription almost pays for itself but it's 100% dependent on how often you will use it.  My regular theater showing is about $12 a ticket so 2 showings essentially makes it worth while for the month and I typically see much more than that.
  • AMC A-List

    Like the last 2 I've had it since the day they started it and it's been amazing for me.  I've seen so many movies that I normally would have never seen.  The biggest advantage to me of this over the other types of "moviepass" like services is that you can do any format (IMAX, 3D, Dolby).  I've probably seen more movies in the 1 Dolby theater near me than any other theater.  Like they've said you can book in advance but you can ONLY have 3 reservations at a time whether or not you've used your 3 for the week.  Just something to keep in mind not to use up all your spots with reservations for future movies that are coming out (If you have reservations for 3 future movies you can't book another movie until you either cancel one of those or see the movie which opens up a spot).  I absolutely love it and I'd say "changed my life" is probably going a little overboard but also not that far from the truth either.  Also if you like their popcorn, they sell yearly buckets that are more expensive the 1st time you buy it but refills are only like $4.50 which will pay for itself real quick. If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask. 
  • What is your favorite store ever!?

    I've always been a sucker for Best Buy but I also used to work there and now refuse to buy lots of stuff there knowing how much I used to get for given the 5% above cost employee discount. Still the best place to go, for me anyways, for high end audio equipment.