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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story reactions from premiere seem... really good

    I'm with darwinfeeshy and joshuaheter and thought the movie was pretty dang good and just a fun movie overall.  I thought Alden Ehrenreich did a pretty good job with our beloved Han Solo, you can't go into the movie expecting him to be spot on Harrison Ford.  That's never going to happen but I thought he did extremely well given the shoes he was attempting to fulfill. I'm curious to hear what Jim and A. Ron thought of it.  
  • HBO's Watchmen- not an adaption of the comic book series, not a sequel.

    The Leftovers will be represented as Regina King has been cast in an unknown role. As has... Don Johnson.
    Regina King killed it in season 2 of The Leftovers and I'm assuming Lindelof saw her talent and thought she'd be great for a role in this.  That and she's won the ever prestigious Baldie, not many actresses can say that.
  • The NHL is BACK 2017/2018 Season

    Also here's something I came across on the internet that I haven't fact checked but I'm pretty sure is 100% legit and very cool things about Vegas....

    ***10 Things to like about the Golden Knights:


    1. Vegas doesn’t have a Captain. Nobody wears the C. Virtually unheard of in hockey, the Knights don't have a single leader. Everyone’s accountable, everyone contributes, nobody’s special.


    2. The fact that the team is basically the “I told you so” to every old coaching cliché in the book. The team is over-matched talent-wise, size-wise, experience-wise,… most games they play. But they play harder than anyone in the league, work together as a team, have fun,… and routinely walk away with wins over teams that on paper they have no business competing against.


    3. Remember when they signed their one probable future superstar, a Russian guy named Shipachyov to a huge $9 Million contract early this year. The guy was dominating his Russian league with 76 pts. last season. Coach told him he’d start off on the 4th line (with everyone assuming he’d work his way up to being our first line star). He was unhappy with the lack of ice time he was getting, so Coach shipped him down to the minor league team. He did the typical superstar athlete thing and refused to show up for his minor league game. Did Vegas coddle him because of his ridiculous talent? They bought him a one-way ticket back to Moscow. His Center spot on the top line went to an unknown Swedish player who’d scored a mere 6 goals in 81 games for Columbus the season before. Some guy named “William Karlsson.” Said one hockey reporter at the time: “This train wreck could be felt within the organization for years to come.” Karlsson had tallied 43 goals by the end of the regular season as the 3rd leading scorer in the NHL. He makes 1/10 the salary of the other scorers near his level.


    4. When Carrie Underwood offered her loyalty to Vegas after her husband’s Nashville Predators were eliminated from the playoffs, and offered to sing the National Anthem, Vegas politely told her “Thanks but no thanks” and stuck with local Venetian Gondola singer Carnell Johnson, who’s sung us this far in the playoffs, and knows to cut out during the “Knights!” shout during the anthem.


    5. The Knights' owner bought the team and stadium with his own money and private money, insisting that public taxpayer funds shouldn't pay for billionaires to build stadiums.


    6. The idea of the Florida Panthers sitting at home on their couches, watching Coach Gallant and his assistant lead their new team through the playoffs after Florida fired them mid-roadtrip and left them standing outside an opponent’s stadium to hail a cab. The fact that Florida thought so little of the soon to be named Coach of the Year, and undervalued 2 of their players so much that they traded Vegas both players for a 4th round draft pick. Those 2 players? Reilly Smith and Jonathan Marchessault.


    7. When the Knights lost their goalie, backup goalie, third string minor league goalie, and fourth string minor league backup goalie,... and still kept winning.


    8. The fact that the Penguins were so confident in moving on with their new young goalie, that they asked Vegas to take their aging backup goalie off their hands to free up salary-cap space. If Vegas would take over the old guy’s salary, the Penguins would throw in a second round draft pick in 2020. So Vegas agreed to take the future draft pick (and Marc-Andre Fleury) off Pittsburgh’s hands.


    9. Those 200:1 (some casinos as high as 500:1) odds for Vegas to win the Cup at the start of the season after the experts had looked over the team’s talent pool (or lack thereof). Everyone expected the team to sell off its best players by the trade deadline and build for the future. I love that management decided to scrap that idea and keep the team together and make a playoff run right away. If they'd been defeated (as oddsmakers all expected) in the First Round, this would've proven a terrible decision. But management decided out of loyalty to the team and fans, to make an extremely risky attempt at a playoff run right away.


    10. That opening home game ceremony, where Vegas switched out all the ads on the boards for "Vegas Strong" signs instead. And the 4-0 lead Vegas had taken 10 minutes later, giving the city a night of distraction and unity. The team was at the blood bank with us the morning after the shooting. None of us noticed because, well, I’m a hockey fan, and I’d never heard of most of these cast-off hockey players. Fleury was the only one I knew, and I wouldn’t have recognized him without pads and a helmet.

  • Breaking Bald

    Just got around to watching this and that was great.  Well done Carter.  The double sip killed me.
  • Evil Genius- Netflix Documentary

    I just finished this over the weekend and was extremely interested from the very beginning with this.  I'm not going to lie Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong scares the shit out of me.  She is the perfect mix of crazy and intelligent that makes for an amazing story.  The overall plan was incredibly stupid but the fact she didn't let things slip during interviews and questioning and constantly had some kind of side plot going on that didn't put her in the wrong was impressive. Overall this was an extremely entertaining show and I know this is probably just a one off show but it'd be extremely entertaining to have more seasons that cover different cases that are similar in nature.  Probably never going to happen but I would enjoy it.