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  • I just watched The Pilot for the first time...(Spoilers for it all!)

    Okay, so the biggest question I have for people is what is the consensus on Nora telling the truth at the end? My gut reaction was to believe her. Honestly, I didn't even question it until the podcast. I think I equated it to Kevin asking her if he took care of the Patty situation in season 2 and came back, would she believe him? It is an unbelievable story but so is like 90% of the other shit that happened in this show.

    Was she lying?
    The way they filmed it and left it there is no right and wrong answer and that's why I loved the ending of the show.  I was exactly like you where I didn't even question it until I listened to the podcast but then the more I thought about it the more I thought that she was lying about it but even to this day, when I think about it I'm dang near split 50/50 on what I think happened.  Did she really spend that long long on the "other side" and find someone that was able to bring her back to the side she was originally on?  If I remember correctly A.Ron and Jim think she was lying about going to the other side and had some pretty logical reasoning but in a world like that where extremely strange things have happened I think it's completely possible it happened as she said.  After rereading this and giving this more thought I think I'm even more confused on what I think actually happened but I thought the ending of this was extremely satisfying in the fact it's completely open to interpretation and that's what makes this show so damn amazing. 
  • I just watched The Pilot for the first time...(Spoilers for it all!)

    Okay, so going into this series, I knew two things: 2% of the population suddenly disappeared and Connie Coon's character had a secret twin sister. At least that's what I for some reason remembered hearing from The Baldies regarding the final season of this show. I have no idea why that obviously incorrect fact planted itself in my head. I wasn't even considering watching the show back then so I barely paid attention. It also didn't help that at some point when I finally did started watching the show, right there on IMDB it says for Connie Coon: Nora Durst/Sarah. So as this season progressed, I kept hearing the guys talk about the flash forward and how Nora looks like she took a blast of radiation to the face. And I was just thinking, heh heh these guys have NO idea what's coming!!

    And then it WAS her. The whole time Matt and Nora were talking before she departed, I was wondering when they were going to drop the bomb. And it never came. And then there were slightly weird things about the world she was living in, or so I thought. When she called Lori, I figured this was her "International Assassin hotel" she's just living here for the long term.

    Kevin FINALLY shows up and confesses the whole truth and that he's been searching for her for years. And she tells the amazing story about how she departed and reparted (?) back here because she didn't belong on the other side. And they were the lucky ones. I think that's such a cool concept that I never really thought about but of course makes sense. There had to be another world somewhere that was missing 98% of the people in the world. I was thinking about how much I would love to watch one more season of Nora in that world and finding her way back.

    I also love that it was the goat that Kevin slipped up on and really truly made her know he remembered more than he was letting on.

    Shit what an amazing show! I will also plant my flag on supernatural island. This all happened. I have been on that side since episode 1 though. You can argue about the 9,261 coincidences in this series but there is zero rational explanation for people to literally vanish. Things cannot just disappear.

    The other biggest example for me is David Burton and his appearance in International Assassin before Kevin ever met him. Yeah yeah, there is a chance he knew what he looked like but Kevin didn't see anyone in those worlds that were not dead. David Burton was alive. I am not saying he is God (I'm open to it) but he got Kevin and Matt to the places they needed to be for the story.

    It also barely matters what you think either way. I cannot believe they got away with just a constant deluge of "is this shit real or not?? Who cares anyway?!?" week after week and I ate it up. It was a masterclass in storytelling and mystery and grief and self reflection and a myriad human emotions and I am so happy I finally watched it!
    You watching the show for the first time and talking about the show and episodes makes me want to find someone that has not seen it and force them to watch it.  I've only watched through it once so all the details aren't 100% clear but this show was one of the biggest rollercoaster rides I've ever been on in regards to a TV show.  Lindelof was absolutely incredible in the way he added so many small details to every episode that I never picked up on but thanks to our fearless leaders, I was privy to.  This show will forever be in my top 3. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your takes @Murderbear as you went through the series and I can't wait for the day I find someone that hasn't seen the show and convince them to watch it. 
  • Baldies pre-game

    Michelle said:
    With the Baldies coming up, what and/or who are you hoping will be nominated (and possibly win) in various categories?

    I'd love to see Best Bald Movie go to Bohemian Rhapsody, and Best Drama go to The Terror, with Jared Harris possibly getting Best Actor.
    Are you attempting to manipulate the polls???  I smell a scandal in the Baldies coming.  Just kidding @Michelle.  Honestly I haven't watched nearly as much TV as I typically do this year so I'll have to base my voting off of what I've seen.  I think Amy Adams and Sharp Objects has a lot going for it and I did think The Terror was very good but I don't think I could vote for The Terror as best drama although it was a damn good series so maybe I could.  I'll be interested to see what's on the ballot.  My other problem is everything kind of blended together and I don't exactly remember what all I've watched in 2018 that's Baldie worthy.  
  • NFL 2018/19 Chat Thread

    Chinaski said:
    4-25 vs teams with a winning record for Cousins :#

    to knock GB and MIN out the playoffs <chef's kiss> :*
    Yup, my Vikings shit the bed real bad yesterday.  They've got a lot further to go to be a super bowl contender than we thought at the beginning of the season lol.  Honestly I'm rooting for your Bears on the NFC side of things.  Best of luck next week against the Eagles.
  • Merry Christmas! Post your loot!

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    rkcrawf said:
    On the book, it's pictures of Obama throughout his presidency from his official White House photographer. I got through two pages and got choked up. I had to put it down. I am looking forward to it at some point, but to borrow from Mad Men, the ache from the nostalgia was too real.

    Dude, I follow him on Instagram and I don't follow many people. I kind of want that book. 

    Also, having been inside the Great Pyramid, you could totally VR that shit and probably get the equivalent impression of whatever my memory is worth.
    The memory point is a good one. I wondered what it’d be like if I had a 360 degree VR of the house I grew up in, or video of loved ones that have died. Somewhere between nostalgic and creepy, I guess. 

    @Murderbear had a great experience with VR and Google Earth. I’m unable to find it for Oculus so far, but I probably need to look harder. I always thought Google Street View would be great if they could show you how the neighborhoods change over time (decades). Be a nice time warp. 

    Would def recommend the book, even though I haven’t dived in yet. Have seen the photographer’s stuff here and there on social media since Obama left office. 
    I could see these VR videos of loved ones being the very early stages of the season 2 Black Mirror episode that brings back a loved one as an AI, is this the path we're going down lol???  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Be_Right_Back