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  • BlacKkKlansman - This is why I'm happy to be in Club Baldmove

    Dee said:
    Wow, that was BLISTERING. Poor @Jim getting interrupted every time though, lol. 

    I still know nothing about this movie from this review but I sure as hell want to see it. 
    I hate that I do that. I really do. It's so painful to listen to. Knowing my tendency to do that shit in even normal, less emotionally charged circumstances, I fully intended to just let him speak for the first five minutes. I had thought about that plan the whole drive back to the studio; "I'm going to just let him run and just be like "amen!", "preach!"", etc. But then  60 seconds into the cast I'm like 
    I haven't listened to the podcast yet but as a person that is very much in Jim's position with that type of thing I know and understand that my friend (A.Ron in this situation) is just very passionate about what is being discussed.  I personally don't even get annoyed by it because of that reason and typically it's something I jump in on and add a little here and there and I know my friend can probably articulate the point better than I can so it really doesn't bother me.  Obviously this is different with everybody but don't beat yourself up too much over it A.Ron.
  • BlacKkKlansman - This is why I'm happy to be in Club Baldmove

    I was planning on seeing this movie at some point but now I'll be seeing it at some point this weekend just so I can listen to the podcast.  Can't wait to listen to it.
  • NFL 2018/19 Chat Thread

    kuman07 said:
    Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!! It always exciting to have a new young stud starting at QB. Could go well, could go disastrously. I am looking forward to this sure to be roller coaster ride of a season. Another plus, we actually have a solid receiving corps.
    Yeah Hill and Watkins are a pretty good duo of receivers, especially when  you consider your tight end is Travis Kelce and you've got Kareem Hunt who absolutely killed it for most of the season last year.  They'll be dangerous but it all depends on how Mahomes does.  I wouldn't put much if any faith in Chad Henne.

    I'm excited for this season being a Viking fan.  We finally have a good quarterback and I feel like we've got some pretty dangerous offensive weapons.  Rudolph has always been mediocre but having Dalvin Cook back at full strength and Diggs and Thielen catching passes from Cousins.  It's gonna be an exciting year.  
  • M:I-Fallout spoilers

    Hatorian said:
    Knew it
    He did kill it in his role.  I know he was pushing to try and be the next James Bond and I would sign off on that.  I think he'd do extremely well in an action role that's not related to the DC universe.
  • M:I-Fallout spoilers

    Hatorian said:
    So is mustache superman a good or bad guy?
    Beings you're asking for the spoiler in the spoilers thread, he's a bad guy.