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  • Black Panther review delayed!

    JaimieT said:
    Weather is amazing. It's going to be in the 80s and sunny through the weekend! Though so far I've mainly done three months worth of tech support for dad and his girlfriend, haha. 

    People who work in tech don't really get family downtime lol. 
    I can second this 100%.  I used to do professional home theater installs and have always been the go to guy in my family for anything technology related.  Sometimes it felt like I had a second job.
  • If You Were An Animal..

    Although a lazy house cat sounds nice, I'd get way too bored.  I enjoy the adrenaline of mountain biking and snowmobiling and four wheeling way too much.  On that note I'd say something like a flying squirrel but I think it'd be amazing to see the world through a hawk or eagles view.  Hawk or Eagle for me.
  • Is The Leftovers worth it?

    Oh boy, Leftovers got brought back up.  I didn't jump into Leftovers until after season 3 ended and more or less binge watched the entire series in a 3 week span give or take. I missed out on all of the week to week discussions here and I wished I had taken it up from the get go because I had no one to discuss it with as I was watching it alone.  This show hooked me because of all the facets this show excelled in.  The storytelling, the characters, the actors performances, the music...

    Although I would call this my favorite TV show, this show is in a different category to everything else I watch.  What other TV show can you say is similar to The Leftovers???  The closest thing I can say that I've watched is Mr. Robot and that is an amazing show but nothing that you can say is similar or comparable to The Leftovers.  The amount of times I said "what the fuck" to myself while watching the Leftovers definitely set personal records.  One of my bigger "what the fuck" moments was in season 2 when John Murphy's dad (sorry his name is escaping me) spilled out the syringe that was suppose to wake Kevin back up. 

    I will also admit that listening to Jim and A.Aron helped make sense out of things and keyed me in to things that I would have never picked up on.  I'm not well versed in religion and the amount of things that went over my head that they talked about during their podcast was definitely beneficial.  Now I need to convince someone to watch this show just so I can rewatch it knowing everything and seeing their reactions to everything that happens.  
  • Looper-better podcast format

    Almost every commissioned movie podcast I've listened to I've made it a point to re-watch the movie just because of what the original poster said in regards to having a fuzzy recollection of certain parts of the movie.  I could understand a quick recap similar to what they did with Stranger Things but you can't get enough of the fine details out in that to make it worth while in my opinion.  To each their own regarding this but I enjoy it the way it is and wouldn't change a thing.  
  • The Expanse

    We don't have single episode analysis for seasons 1 - 2, but we'll be doing weekly pods on season 3.
    Awesome, can't wait to hear the coverage.  I've been watching since season 1, it's not the best show out there but it's a quality science fiction show.  Glad to see it's going to be getting the Bald Move treatment.