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  • HBO's Watchmen- not an adaption of the comic book series, not a sequel.

    The Leftovers will be represented as Regina King has been cast in an unknown role. As has... Don Johnson.
    Regina King killed it in season 2 of The Leftovers and I'm assuming Lindelof saw her talent and thought she'd be great for a role in this.  That and she's won the ever prestigious Baldie, not many actresses can say that.
  • The Expanse

    JaimieT said:
    Did it end on the Razorback accelerating? I think my, erm, copy cut off early. I DID buy season 3 on Amazon so I'm not not supporting the show, and I can catch the end on Amazon tomorrow if that wasn't it...

    Whoo hoo!!! The Expanse is back. 
    Yes it ended with the Razorback accelerating right after Bobby says brace for impact. I watched a DVR recording from SyFy network and it lead right into a teaser for season 2. I won't say anymore because some people consider it spoilery? That's a word right? 
  • The Expanse

    Jim said:
    @letrbuck2006 Cool!  I wasn't sure if anyone would recognize that sweet Eros beat.
    Of course I recognized the "new banger, fresh out of Eros." I can't help but love Diogo.
  • Busy April for TV shows

    I feel like I am going from watching next to nothing to a lot of solid shows starting up in April.  For the shows I personally watch, I've got Legion that just started back up, Expanse and Westworld are starting back up in a couple weeks and I just found out that Into the Badlands starts back up the end of April.  While Into the Badlands wasn't amazing TV by any means I found it quite enjoyable if you're able to look past the little things.  Easily most excited for Expanse and Westworld though.  Just curious if other people have similar situations and what shows they have starting up in the near future?
  • 812 - The Key

    Something amazing could come out of another horrible episode of The Walking Dead.  Bald Move Mythbusters.  Episode 1 synopsis A.Ron gets the shit kicked out of him with a baseball bat testing how well a motorcycle jacket can take a hit.