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  • BlacKkKlansman - This is why I'm happy to be in Club Baldmove

    Dee said:
    Wow, that was BLISTERING. Poor @Jim getting interrupted every time though, lol. 

    I still know nothing about this movie from this review but I sure as hell want to see it. 
    I hate that I do that. I really do. It's so painful to listen to. Knowing my tendency to do that shit in even normal, less emotionally charged circumstances, I fully intended to just let him speak for the first five minutes. I had thought about that plan the whole drive back to the studio; "I'm going to just let him run and just be like "amen!", "preach!"", etc. But then  60 seconds into the cast I'm like 
    I haven't listened to the podcast yet but as a person that is very much in Jim's position with that type of thing I know and understand that my friend (A.Ron in this situation) is just very passionate about what is being discussed.  I personally don't even get annoyed by it because of that reason and typically it's something I jump in on and add a little here and there and I know my friend can probably articulate the point better than I can so it really doesn't bother me.  Obviously this is different with everybody but don't beat yourself up too much over it A.Ron.
  • CW's Batwoman cast!

    Dee said:
    @letrbuck2006 Oh, I don’t know - I’ve never watched any of them. But if that’s true, that’s even worse. 
    I looked it up after the fact and both The Flash and The Arrow are 23 episode seasons.  I don't know about the rest of their shows but 23 episodes is just too damn much in my opinion.  I haven't found anything regarding how long the season of Batwoman will be.  Why do I think she was great in John Wick 2 you ask?  Well that's because she was deaf and  never talked ; ) 

    Just kidding I don't think she's that horrible of an actress and she definitely has attractiveness going for her.  I hope it does well but I can almost guarantee I won't have anything to do with it.  It seems like all the CW shows mix and mingle too much and I haven't watched anything other than the first season and a half of The Flash.
  • Cord Cutting tips

    Yeah, I went from 400 mbps to 150, which is plenty. There are only two of us and even though hubby works from home, he has a dedicated line set up by his employer, so his work is not on our network. Just my work one day a week and our fun stuff, which doesn't include gaming or anything.

    Funny, since I downgraded, my speed test results are the same. Between that and cutting the cable TV, it cut my bill in half. I don't even have a device that can do 400 mbps. I probably signed up for that in the past on some kind of special and then the price went up or something.
    Did you run that speedtest when you were hardwired into the router or through wifi?  Even through wifi right next to the router you're going to lose quite a bit of speed unless you are connected to the 5G connection.  It also depends on the time of the day and how many other people in the neighborhood are using their internet.  There's tons of things that actually effect wifi speed.  
    Through wifi.. But that's good enough for me. That's how I use it anyway. 
    More or less clarifying that the speeds you pay for are hardwired speeds.  If your device is usually within good range of your router and is 5g capable, I recommend connecting to that instead of the standard 2.4G signal.  5g signals typically don't reach as far but they are much faster.  
    Now is probably when I should tell you I'm an IT person? Lol
    hahahhahahahah.  I do remember seeing posts in a previous discussion with someone mentioning they work in IT, clearly that was you and I don't pay enough attention to who posts stuff and what they do.  I am lol'ing at myself so hard right now.
  • What's Your Best Story?

    Short and sweet but quite hilarious at the time...

    Me and about 6 or 7 friends from high school are at a dive bar that's pretty grungy which is expected and normal.  I go into the bathroom and there's about 3 other guys in there taking photos of some completely drunk guy passed out laying cheek to floor in this disgusting bathroom.  I start laughing, go to the bathroom and walk back out tell my group of friends about it and keep on drinking/hanging out. 

    About 5 minutes later the security for the place goes in and walk out of the bathroom with this guy.  As they walk by we finally get to see his full face and HOLY SHIT that's Healy (a kid we all went to high school with).  A couple of us knew him well enough that we went outside and ended up walking him home because he lived close and walks there regularly.  The problem was that he couldn't remember where he lived.  This was during the winter in Minnesota and was probably around 30ish degrees Fahrenheit outside and nobody had big warm winter coats on because we went right from home to the car and right from the car to the bar.  Long story short we ended up wandering around for about an hour before we ended up getting his phone and calling someone who could tell us where he lived.  Which happened to be about a block from the bar.  I guess that wasn't so short and sweet but we still bring that up from time to time and laugh about it.
  • favorite single season of television

    Schlupp said:
    Firefly season 1, burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.  :-)
    Damn you for quoting that, I now have that theme song stuck in my head.  And now I want to go back and watch it again.