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  • PSN Name Changes

    I do enjoy the hidden message type things.  My license plate for example is Sum Say and I have a picture of the Stig from Top Gear on my back window.  If you've never seen Top Gear you would never be able to figure it out.  But those people that enjoy the show understand it and can appreciate it.  I've had numerous people give me thumbs up so I'm all about the obscure.  At the same time my Gamertags have always been pretty straight forward.  I play mainly Halo and play off of the "you were killed by ......" I've had Tyler Durden and awookiee has been what I've used the past several years.  
  • We don't see in 4K?

    Well I am sure glad @KingKobra jumped into this before I did because he did a much better job at explaining all of that than I would have been able to do.  A lot of this comes down to reference.  Even if you have the horrible eyesight if I set up a 65" 1080P TV next to a 65" 4k TV and play the same content or movie (obviously 1 in 1080P and 1 in 4k) I can guarantee you will notice a difference.  

    The bigger thing in my opinion than resolution (1080P vs. 4k) is HDR (high dynamic range).  This allows a television to reproduce a much higher contrast creating whiter whites, blacker blacks, and a significantly wider range of colors.  

    @Chinaski I 2nd what KingKobra recommended.  If you can fit in a LG OLED TV in your budget do it because it is hands down the best quality picture out there.  Sony also makes an OLED but for the price difference go with LG because Sony actually uses LG panels in their OLEDs.  Also just a heads up 60" is kind of an oddball size now days.  They definitely still make them but that specific size doesn't have as many different models made as 55" and 65".
  • TV Recomendations

    Linus Tech tips was really hot on the TCL 4K tv too. The 55” is $650. I bought a 55” Sony 4K a year and a half ago for almost $2000 and it doesn’t have HDR. My recommendation is if you’re gonna go 4K, get one with HDR. Especially if you have a PS4 Pro or an XB1X. 
    I don't know a ton about the TCL brand but they've been getting amazing reviews from everywhere I've seen.  It all depends what size you want and how much you want to spend.  Personally I will always have a TV and never a projector because of the quality I can get with an TV vs. a projector.  I don't have a room where a projector could be set up to look good because there is too much ambient light and I don't want to put 100% blackout curtains up.  My 2 go to brands are Sony and Samsung for LED TVs and LG for OLED TVs.  Also if you are going 4k I highly recommend getting something that does HDR as well.  Basically 4k is your resolution (how many pixels) and HDR is contrast related (how vibrant colors are/can be) when watching HDR capable content.

    If you are looking budget TVs, like @KingKobra Vizio's M and P series are very good.  Feel free to throw questions out on this if you have specifics.  
  • Soundbar Recommendations

    If you can find this somewhere or are ok with buying online, this is a pretty solid soundbar and a pretty damn good deal.

  • Soundbar Recommendations

    MrX said:
    So it all really depends what are you wanting from it.  Personally from doing home theater installs Sony seems to me to have superior audio compared to your more common brands.  If don't know anything about SONOS check it out and see if that's something that interests you.  Amazing product but is a little costly.
    If you're OK spending a little more Definitive Technology is 100% my go to brand for anything speakers.  

    My biggest issue with soundbars is the constant question of using HDMI using ARC (Audio Return Channel) or just using an optical cable and not getting higher quality audio.  ARC basically tries to send information both ways from the TV to the soundbar and from the soundbar to the TV and is an awful system with what I've experienced.  It seems to be so hit or miss whether it works or not.  

    I use ARC with my Sony TV and soundbar - not sure if being the same brand makes the handshake less prone to issues for some reason - but for me at least it has worked perfectly and definitely is convenient. Small things like being able to see the volume level on the TV screen are nice, and it also streamlines the # of cables - I have just 1 HDMI going up to the tv from the soundbar.

    The nice thing is most modern TV's have both so you can always try it. Is there a loss in sound quality when using optical? I guess it depends on the decoding in the tv?
    When I was doing installs I did have the best luck with ARC with Sony products but typically it is so sporadic when it seems to work and not work.  Some work perfectly and some don't work at all.  Basically the best audio you are going to get using an optical cable is Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1  Optical cables don't have the bandwidth to do Dolby Digital HD, DTS HD, Dolby Atmos, or DTS X. 

    Most blu rays have the capability to do Dolby Digital HD or DTS HD and all 4k blu rays is where you pull in Dolby Atmos and DTS X which essentially can add height channels to your typical 5.1 or 7.1 system.  The only way to get any HD audio is through an HDMI cable going directly to your audio source whether that be a soundbar or a receiver.  Then typically you will go to the TV from that audio source.