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  • The Good Place (NBC)

    I'm loving it. I know some feel this season has been less funny than previous ones, but I'm invested in the characters and plot enough that there's enough comedy to keep me laughing. I do wonder what the last 2 episodes will be about, but the show has always been ahead of its schedule - each season finale feels more like the next season's premier, each season has enough plot for 2-3 seasons, etc - so it'll  probably feel like another season (or movie conclusion like Serenity or Deadwood) tacked on to the end of this one.

    I'm going to miss Marc Evan Jackson. His guest role and podcast hosting have been some of my favorite parts of the show.
  • Rick and Morty

    Yeah... I'm in withdrawal already!
  • PocketCasts Ad Free Feeds

    Flukes said:

    I've tried Podcast Addict a couple times. There were always little things that bothered me. For example, in Pocket Casts, when I sort by Release Date (95% of the time, this is how I like them displayed), it actually does it in two groups: Podcasts with unplayed episodes and ones without. All the podcasts with unplayed episodes are listed first (in order of most recent release date) followed by the completely played podcasts in the same order. 
    I only look at the list of podcasts if there's an old episode I want to listen to again and so I add it to my playlist. So I've never seen this behavior as a problem.

    For daily use, I go to the Recent Episodes list off the main menu (three lines in upper left). That shows me all the newest podcast episodes from every podcast. So I never run into the issue you describe, because I'm not looking at the list of podcasts filtered or sorted by whether there are new episodes, or whatever. I'm just looking at all the recent episodes, and download whichever ones interest me.

    If I wanted to, I could set up all new episodes to be downloaded, but I have enough podcasts in my list that I just read through all the new eps and download the ones I want to actually listen to, instead of downloading them all by default.

    Maybe try the recent episodes list, and this issue won't be a problem anymore?
  • Which show had the BEST finale?

    Person of interest. 
  • Expanse Book Club - Tiamat's Wrath (FULL SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK)

    I finished the audio book. Damn there's some crazy shit in there....