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  • Expanse Season 5 (Show only spoilers!)

    bror.00 said:
    And she's alive, right? So the ship and everyone on it is also intact? 
    Okoye is alive, yes.

    As for the Martian ship, the way I read the scene, they didn't make it past/through the event horizon of the ring. To me it seemed like the alien, whatever it is, tore them apart.

    Holden had said previously that every time he transits a ring he can feel "them" and something happens to him each time. I can't recall exactly what he said, but I think he said something about being diminished each time, as if a part of him is taken away.
    @bror.00 Agreed. I did a rewatch and I’m with you on this. To me, it definitely looks like they get evaporated in an instant.
  • Expanse Season 5 (Show only spoilers!)

    ray_x03 said:

    Meanwhile, Season 6 production is underway!
    I keep looking out for news updates on the possibility of continuing the live-action story after season 6. (Siiggghhh) REALLY hoping for a "SURPRISE, we're picking up the show somewhere else or we're switching to movies!"   

    The fact that the writers and showrunner are being dodgy about it is still giving me hope for more. 
  • This is Us Season 5

    Michelle said:
    Did anyone watch last night’s episode?  Just... *exhaling* wow.  It was very emotionally heavy, along the lines of the Memphis episode.  Randall’s journey has been both heartwarming and heartbreaking.  And Sterling K. Brown - phenomenal performance. *wipes away the tears* :bawling:
    You said it, always a phenomenal, emotional gut punch. I've started calling it, "this is us crying." But I happily tune in weekly, for all the right reasons!
  • Expanse Season 5 (Show only spoilers!)

    @awookiee - In regards to the spinning... I could be wrong, but the way I understood it, was that a PDC was down on one side. Going against the gauntlet of torpedoes coming their way, spinning at a fast velocity would provide a better opportunity to protect the side without a defense. That's what I'm going with at least.
  • Started watching Ozark

    Cory said:
    Gee, is there nobody who DID like it? Maybe I will give up on it after all.
    I dig Ozark! Every season gets better and the stakes get higher. It’s all subjective, so just keep on keepin’ on!