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  • “Perry Mason” on HBO starring Matthew Rhys premiering June 21st

    Jim said:
    I love Matthew Rhys and the trailer looks good but I have no affinity for Perry Mason as a character. (He's a little before my time) It'll have to either get some really good buzz or be one of the only things available to watch for me to check it out. The release date makes me think there's a good possibility of the latter though.
    If it helps, it would be another pretty great opportunity to wear a fedora
  • “Perry Mason” on HBO starring Matthew Rhys premiering June 21st

    If they do this right I could be so down for a period piece film noir adaptation of this character. Also, I greatly miss Matthew Rhys on my television. 

  • WestWorld - 305: Genre

    This guy on reddit jogged the car chase route from this episode a minute faster than the show drove it which I found thoroughly hillarious:
  • WestWorld - 305: Genre

    I think Jim really succinctly explained my problem with this season which is that if you do not have enough time to tell the story you want, than you have to change your story. The reason the first season worked was that it had a bunch of very cool ideas that were conveyed by characters I really loved and whose wellbeing I cared about in Dolores and Maeve. Now the show seems to be in some sort of mad rush (lots of GOT S7 & S8 vibes) and feels like a sci-fi concept soup. An interesting sci-fi concept is only a framework for a television season. The exploration of those concepts are fulfilled by characters whose journeys the audience cares about, and this is the part I feel like is really missing from this season, even more so than Season 2. 
  • What are you binging right now?

    JaimieT said:
    Interesting @BrooklynMD. Now I want to rewatch to see if that happens. 
    Maybe it's just white anti-hero fatigue from the last 2 decades but I can not for the life of me muster any sort of sympathy or affection for Walt even in the beginning. Perhaps that's colored by what I know about him in the future but the only thing about him that makes you root for him is that he has lung cancer, and while that is of course tragic, it's also a pretty cliche way for generating sympathy for your main character. I also realize how insane the backlash against Skyler was considering she is the only person acting even remotely rationally early on.

    But the biggest thing is that everyone raves about how tightly plotted and constructed every detail of this show is, but on this rewatch I realize just how insanely lucky Walt gets at every turn. He gets in a near impossible bind 2-3 times a season and by sheer dumb luck he gets away to cook more meth and this time around it just seems really unbelievable. The writers don't do a good enough job in the first season establishing how smart Walt is supposed to be so some of the near misses seem  like plot contrivances and false tension. That being said, Gus Fring and Saul Goodman are just as awesome as they ever were.