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  • ‪Joss Whedon returning to TV with epic HBO sci-fi series

    JaimieT said:

    His characters largely sound the same, talk the same way. That's a huge thing to get "wrong." ("Wrong" because sometimes it can work, but in dramas it's less effective when all/most characters have the gift of one-liners.) He's a very good writer, but not masterful.

    Toy Story is seriously my favorite thing he's ever done because (1) it wasn't all him. He got balanced out. I don't think he's the best at pacing and the Pixar crew is. (2) He's incredibly good at writing comedy. He should do that more...
    Oh man I think we're going to have to agree to disagree and see what happens when the show comes out. I think when it says drama it's actually going to be more of a sci-fi action adventure series much more than your classic prestige-y drama. I think he's definitely guilty of having the same archetypes of characters across his works, but those characters all have incredible depth to them. And as for the one-liners, I say bring it on. Every new prestige drama these days is a meditation on mortality, or grief, or human depravity or some other deeply depressing epistemological topic, and don't get me wrong, I deeply love a lot of those shows. But I would really love a show that's got a fun new world to explore with a bunch of fun new characters I want to hang out with, and I think that whedon specializes in that. At this point, I'm just as excited for this as I am for Lindelof's riff on the Watchmen. 
  • Why yes to “Sharp Objects”, but no to “Mindhunter”, Jim and ARon?

    rkcrawf said:
    Entirely speculation on my part, but if you have to make a bet on a show, which would you choose? Consider the network, the stars, the writing, and the release format. HBO > Netflix in quality. Amy Adams > the guy playing Holden. Author of Gone Girl > no idea. Weekly release > Binge.

    I like Mindhunter a lot. I think the premise is interesting, and tho Holden leaves something to be desired (a trend with this character name), his co-stars are all compelling. But once Mindhunter hit the stream, it was already out in the wild. The people most interested in that genre probably consumed it relatively quickly and moved on.

    I also have a medium amount of faith that the quality of Netflix shows won't decline after S1. While that happens a lot with TV in general, it seems to be a particular trend with Netflix (exceptions I know of are maybe Stranger Things and Narcos). With Sharp Objects, as said in the cast, it's essentially a one (or 8) night stand. No strings attached.
    I think the big missing factor in Mindhunter's favor is that David Fincher directed 4 episodes and was heavily involved with the entire production. Obviously this is just my opinion, but I think Fincher is easily one of the top 3 directors working right now and whenever he enters the tv landscape (i.e House of Cards pilot), I think it's immediately worth paying attention to. 

    That being said, I can see why it's difficult for Jim and Aron to cover it especially considering the binge model. 
  • ‪Joss Whedon returning to TV with epic HBO sci-fi series

    I'm surprised how much hate joss whedon is getting here. He may not be the most visually interesting director, but he is a master of writing strong, likable characters and that's something that is sorely lacking in HBO's current lineup. I like HBO's prestige dramas as much as the next person, but they are all such self-serious, dark, humorless affairs. I think HBO needs him much more than he needs HBO
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  • Jonah Nolan has been reading “Sapiens” too

    A great podcast spoiler special from the Empire Podcast with an interview with Jonah and Lisa Nolan where Jonah Nolan says he’s been reading Yuval Hari’s Sapiens, the book that A. Ron has been talking about all season.
  • Article on Solo and dark screenings - don’t blame the cinematographer

    I saw it at a normal screening at the Regal in Union square where I couldn't see anything for the first half hour and then again at the Dolby theater at AMC Empire in Time Square. The difference was night and day. Bradford Young is supposed to be the next big thing in cinematography and it really shows in this movie if you get to see it correctly. See it at a Dolby theater if you can.