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  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    Governing is hard.
    'Who knew it was this hard?!'

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  • 308 - eps3.7_dont-delte-me.ko

    KingKobra said:
    Ok - so the theory I read was much better articulated, but it basically said that the trusted person Trenton sent that email to was her little brother, Mohammed.  And that by hanging out with Elliot, and asking all those questions, Mohammed was making sure Elliot was the right person to forward Trenton's email to.  The timing of when Elliot and Mohammed meet and the time-stamp of the email Elliot got apparently check out.

    I'm not sure if any of this is true, but I think it makes sense, and is possible.
    When did he get Elliot’s email to forward her email to? That would be my main question. 
    Oh.  Good question.  I hadn't thought of that!

    Maybe Trenton gave Elliot's email to Mohammed?

    Damn!  Theory destroyed by one question!
  • Who shit the sink

    So ... I haven't watched the video, but I have to tell this story due to the title of this thread.
    Years ago, I was an Assistant Manager at a coffee shop.  We had one of the only public bathrooms around, so people would often come in to use it.  The local homeless people would also use it.  Well, one time one of those homeless people actually shit in the sink!  I walked in ... gagged, and walked out.  I ended up calling a Hazmat company to come clean it, because I couldn't do it, and I couldn't bring myself to ask anyone working for me to clean it up either.
    It was the night of our Christmas party too!   

  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    adobo1148 said:
    A glass of vodka wouldn't be more appropriate?
    A Moscow Mule, perhaps?
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  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    cdrive said:
    In internet years, reverting back a decade ago is like reverting back to living in a cave and eating bugs. You can live in a cave and eat bugs all you want, but I’m disinclined to.  
    A cute and entirely meaningless metaphor. 

    The radical idea that service providers can set prices and conditions for the use of their service is why we have an internet to start with. 

    Say what? We have an internet because of the federal government.
    Well, Al Gore *did* invent it, silly!   :D

    In all seriousness, I think getting rid of Net Neutrality would be a disaster.  Like an Ayn Rand fever dream disaster.
    I think Al Gore was in college when the internet was invented. :) It was invented and developed by the DoD.
    I know.  I was just kidding.  :)
    I actually have a lot of respect for Al Gore, and love all the effort he's made to make people aware of Climate Change.  I just couldn't resist making that (admittedly bad)  'Al Gore invented the internet' joke.