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  • Big Brother 20 (Speculation and/or Spoilers)

    So I haven't seen the actual post, but apparently Chris posted something on his Instagram confirming that Bayleigh is actually pregnant.
  • Big Brother 20 (Speculation and/or Spoilers)

    I hadn't heard about Dr. Will's Tweet, but I've been curious about her hosting Big Brother in the future too.  She's also the host of another show on CBS (I think it's called The Talk?), so I'm curious how they'll handle all this.  I think it would be a shame for her to lose her jobs because of her husband's actions, but that's assuming she had no knowledge of what was going on.

    As far as Sam's mental health goes ... my understanding is that they do put the houseguests through psych evals before casting them.  It seems like Sam's having an especially hard time being in the house though, and if that's the case, they should let her go if that's what she wants.
    I also think that deciding to quit smoking right in the middle of the season isn't the best idea.  (I think she's back to smoking now, but still ... they have lockdowns for like 3 days where they can't go outside, so she can't smoke during that time.)  Going through constant nicotine withdrawal can't be good for her emotional state either.

    EDIT: Just after posting this I saw an article saying that Julie released a statement saying she was stepping away from The Talk for a bit to be with family, but would be there Thursday for Big Brother.  It sounds like she plans to return to The Talk but apparently Sharon Osbourne said some not nice things about Les Moonves, so ... I don't know?
  • Big Brother 20 (Speculation and/or Spoilers)

    Michelle said:

    So, does Bay still think she's PG?
    I actually just read about that, and came here to post that apparently Bayleigh and Haleigh were talking last night, and Bay still hasn't gotten her period, and will be taking a pregnancy test next week.

    Which we won't be around for, since as of right now, Bay's going home.
  • Big Brother 20 (Speculation and/or Spoilers)

    So I'm going to make a huge confession ... I not only watch the live feeds, and read the BB subreddit, but I also listen to a BB podcast.  (Please don't judge - totally immersing myself in BB is my way of distracting myself for a few months, so I can ignore the real world, and pretend it isn't on fire for a while, lol)

    The podcast I listen to is the one that RHAP puts out.  Rob Cesternino hosts them.  He was on Survivor Amazon many years ago, and is hilarious, and he has cohosts who have great, insightful, funny outlooks on what's going on in the house.  They do a show after every broadcasted episode (so Sunday, Wednesday,  and Thursday).  

    And once a week he does a podcast with Eric Stein, who was a contestant on BB 8.  The show is called Summer of Stein, and I love it, because they just joke around and it's exactly what a podcast about a show as silly as BB should be.

    Anyway ... I'm grateful for the distraction that BB is providing me ... and that this has been such a great season so far!  
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  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    118,000 people were 'accidently' left off of the voter lists in LA County for the Primary here in California yesterday.

    I live in Central California (nowhere close to LA County), and my husband and I were both left off the voters list of our Precinct yesterday as well.
    We are both registered, and voted with no problems in the last Election.   I called to see what had happened, and was told my husband and I had been marked 'inactive' as of January 2017 ...

    I wonder how many other voters in California were left off the list yesterday.
    I heard them talking about this on CNN late last night, apparently you were supposed to have been given a provisional ballot but most people weren't.  This could cause a huge problem...
    There's a long story involved, but they immediately gave me a provisional ballot, and had me fill out a registration form, and my husband went to vote after he got off work, and was given a provisional ballot and registration form as well. 

    The thing that bothers me so much is that while they let you vote provisional, those votes are only counted in certain cases.  So our votes most likely won't matter.
    But the biggest problem is that a lot of people don't vote during the Primary, so if someone is 'left off the list' or 'inactive', but doesn't vote until the General Election, they won't know their status until that day, and they'll (hopefully) be given a provisional ballot that most likely won't count.

    Hope that all came out ok.  There's a lot more, but I tried to make it as concise and articulate as possible.