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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Debate! Who y'all feeling so far?

  • Finished The Wire for the first time

    "He meant Lexus, but he ain't know it."

  • Legion tonight?!

    yea i had totally forgot this was coming out now, until I saw a couple Twitter ads this weekend. Definitely have not been playing up the marketing. I guess the audience is what it is at this point, and it's the last season, so they're not looking to bring in a whole bunch of new viewers. A bit more of a heads up to existing fans would be good though!
  • Preroll and Postroll ads are the worst

    hitmy said:
    They addressed this at the very end of yesterday's lunch. Basically, it is a new contract they signed where some system has been implemented that dynamically inserts one or more ads into each of the podcasts. These are selected based on some automated process that accounts for at least the users region (potentially more than that).

    I haven't found a single one of the ads compelling as of yet.

    Since everyone seems to be confused why I am complaining at all - people keep asking me why I am too lazy to mess with the ad-free feeds, or why I am dumb for expecting bald move to not do advertising at all.... once again, I am more than fine with the ads.

    So far, I've been happy to not use the ad-free feeds. The ads weren't literal assaults on my attention and senses before. Now they are. These are not live reads from the hosts, the hosts have no idea what ads I'm listening to. I am simply forced to listen to a corporately produced commercial at the very start of the cast.

    (yes I know I can autoskip it, but doesn't that tell you even more how bad of a situation this is?)

    If you can't see the drop off in quality this represents for the cast as a whole, I don't know what to tell you.

    Anyhow, as @Flukes mentioned, this isn't any hill to die one or anything. I'm only complaining because I care so much about this content. I do it out of some weird agonized love.  <3

    They gave some initial explanation in the lunch yesterday, and @A_Ron_Hubbard committed to doing an Empire Business on it at some point. Hopefully everyone understands where I am coming from on this, and I'll otherwise look forward to the upcoming Empire cast.

    I'm looking forward to the new Empire Business cast, but from the lunch discussion it sounds like these new ads are opening up a new revenue stream to Bald Move, and it's hard to say no to that. If they see a correlated decline in listenership tied to the introduction of the dynamic ads in sure they'll reassess the decision, but with podcast $$ being a very competitive market I don't see how they could pass it up.

    As @shum said the ad-free feed includes housekeeping and other Bald Move announcements, so you'd really only be forgoing live reads if you go ad-free.
  • The Terror - Season 2

    AMC released a trailer yesterday. The timing is quite apt considering we are dealing with the present-day intermittent of minorities on our soil. And it has shape-shifting ghosts! I really like how they are using mythology from different cultures each season.