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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Buckle up for tomorrow. Twitter Force One is gonna be spewing all kinds of hot garbage.

  • NFL 2018/19 Chat Thread

    Da Bears homers both put Trubisky in their top 5. I think your perspective on him is skewed because of all the years that you were subjected to this guy.

  • Baldies 2018 Nomination Phase!

    gguenot said:
    It was a tough choice between Groundhogs Day marathon and the Blackkklansman cast
    I had to go w/ ARon's Blackkklansman rant, it was probably the most impactful thing to happen to the Bald Move-verse in 2018.
  • Investment thread

    Hatorian said:
    All good advice. I’m really interested in the Vanguard indexes. Unfortunately the broker I use here in Singapore doesn’t have the Vanguard 2050. Which after doing some research seems like a perfect one for me. I’d be 66 in 2050. 

    Also I went against my own will and put 10k into some forex trades last night and made 1k overnight. Got sucked back in after seeing some naked signals. Woke up and closed it though. 10% return in less than 24 hours. However I’ve learned my lesson. Going to use that 1k profit and invest into something more stable. 
    If your broker has Vanguard admiral shares available (they lowered the minimum investment on them to $3,000), you can roll your own target-date fund, and will save on fees  - it's just a mix of their total stock and bond market funds, both domestic and international. You would just want to reallocate the mix every 5 years or so to match what the target date fund is doing. 

    Bogleheads wiki has a pretty good guide to building a 3 or 4 fund portfolio, with Vanguard and others:
  • New teaser for Season 8!!!

    BroRad33 said:
    I don't think we are going to get an actual trailer with episode footage, we may just get a couple of these short film things, or if we do get episode footage itll just be a little teaser like the one from the Globes. I think they are going to keep it pretty secretive .
    I bet we'll get an actual trailer before it starts. Honestly though, I'm fine if we just get these thematic trailers. I'd rather see absolutely nothing beforehand.

    I wish more movies and shows would do this. If you listen to the Slashfilmcast Dave Chen pretty much avoids all trailers for movies before he sees them, I can definitely see how that could enhance the viewing experience. I don't have enough self control to do it though!