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  • Infinity War viewing recommendation

    I'm seeing it first in an AMC Dolby Cinema - at my local theater that screen has much better protectors (4k laser) than the imax screen. Hopefully they don't crop the aspect ratio for the Dolby screen though ... I'll just have to see it a second time on imax!
  • 201 - Journey Into Night

    NUMBER ONE: Big fan of the new tall and menacing Delos executive who looks almost exactly like “high-ranking executive of the diabolical parent company of a murdersex playground for the one percent” looked in my head before I saw him. Very much here for him and his weird Fury Road team of corporate mercenaries running around and finding rogue beach tigers and such.

    The actor is a Skarsgård brother (Gustaf - his brothers are Eric from True Blood and Pennywise the Clown from IT, so he comes from a strong lineage of freaky dudes). He's in Vikings and plays Floki who is a pretty menacing and messed up character, so I'm hoping they have fun with him this season. His seeming #2 on the Fury Road team is a good actress; Betty Gabriel, she was the housemaid in Get Out.
  • 201 - Journey Into Night

    Meanwhile in Anthony Hopkins land ....

  • Rollercoaster tour of the US

    Definitely stop off in Asheville, it's a really cool mountain city in North Carolina and looks like you're going right by it. Good food, good craft beer. Biltmore Estate (mansion/estate built by the Vanderbilts, one of America's most rich/powerful families in the 1800's) is worth checking out when you're there. Also if you have the time for a detour a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway would be nice - it's a beautiful scenic route for the mountain. Also a lot of areas to stop off for hiking.

    Edit: and also you're going through prime BBQ country. I'm most familiar w/ North Carolina bbq having lived there ... a bunch of places on this map are along your route:

    There will be plenty of good options in TN and KY as well (not to mention bourbon in Kentucky!)
  • MLB 2018

    Chinaski said:
    Ajas said:
    Yeah I think nobody in Seattle actually wants that win record, and I think it'll get broken this year. As of yesterday there were 5 teams on pace for 110+ wins.

    When M's fans think back to the "good ol days" it's 1995, not 2001.
    The Mariners in Ken Griffey Jr Baseball for the SNES were my jam! man, that game was so good! i actually cut school with my bestfriend to manually input all the players names.
    Brings me back ... Pretty much every kid was a Griffey Jr. fan in the mid-90s, even I had a fitted Seattle hat despite being a Red Sox fan living in New England.

    Griffey Jr. was such a huge icon it's kindof hard to fathom in today's mlb - it was on par with Jordan levels of fandom at the peak.