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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    rkcrawf said:
    I am seeing rumors/feelers from some of the major news outlets that Hillary may run again. I just...I can't, man. I can't get my head around what that would be like. Trump would rally his base around it, Hillary will get some portion of folks that wish they had voted for her last time, but I gotta think there are people in the center-left that are just tired of the last 20 years of politics.

    I don't want Pelosi in there as Speaker either. I feel like it's the ultimate participation trophy. You had power and your strategies lead to people voting out House Dems. And you've only got power back bc people hate the House Repubs. You didn't do anything worthy of getting power back. Arguably, there isn't a real strategy for the next 2 years other than being obstructionist, and hoping that the top of the Dem ticket is strong enough to carry the contest districts.

    Of throwback candidates, I could be convinced to get back on the Gore train, if it weren't against Trump. I think Trump would kick his ass like a bully on the playground. I think Biden could beat Trump, if he could get out of his own way. I do not want to see anyone that can't win the swing states in a general election messing around and f'ing 2020 up.

    Nah she won't run, that was just typical media overreaction to an op-ed from Mark Penn, Clinton's shitty 2008 campaign manager turned Trump lover. He's full of shit.

    On Pelosi - while I do think new leadership would probably be a good thing, I also think she's a great legislator, and it was not her fault Dem's lost the House in 2010. Note that Obamacare, the reason for the Tea Party mania in 2010, is actually quite popular now. There is plenty of evidence that racist backlash to Obama being president actually shaped a lot of the vitriol against Democrats and that's what caused them to lose ground during his presidency. A recent episode of Chris Hayes' podcast dug into this:
  • VOTE!!!

    These initiatives passing, along with Democrats gaining ground in state-level governments, is a big deal for voter access and rights on the future.

  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    Gan said: 
    I am really pissed right now. Can't find my ID anywhere. It doesn't make any sense. I never take it out my wallet cause I never have a reason to. I haven't gone to any bars and I don't drive, I just leave it behind my library card in my wallet and everything else is still there. It makes no fucking sense.
    Do you have any other forms of photo id (passport, school ID etc?). Even if not you still should be able to cast a provisional ballot.
  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    gguenot said:
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    Flukes said:
    Gimlet's Science Vs podcast is doing a special series of US hot button topics this week for those who are having conversations with people they care about.

    Gun Violence, Abortion, and Climate Change are up right now.They do a good job of debunking the assumptions and junk science of both proponents and opponents.
    As much as I love podcasts that debunk bullshit, they’re really only preaching to the converted. I’ve been listening to Pod Save America lately and I’m learning so much, but some Trumpnado hears the same thing and all that goes into their heads is FAKE NEWS. I know that A.Ron talks often about being a conservative in the past and doing a complete 180, but it really is pretty rare, especially in these times of such aggressive partisanship. 
    I was talking to my wife about Pod Save America and at first I was all “I’m not sure their point because like you said, they’re not changing minds on the other side”. But then I realized that with all of the advocating they’ve been doing to get people out to vote that I’m sure there are many liberals that listen to them, agree with what they say, but don’t notmally vote. So if they can get a % of those people to vote, that’s a win

    Yea if the Pod Save America bros have an impact, it's going to be for fundraising and voter mobilization. They just promoted a campaign to raise $$ for 20 "small market" Democratic candidates where a each dollar counts more than in other districts, and ended up raising >$1 million in a short amount of time. Democrats have had a big fundraising advantage due in part to efforts like those. And they're doing a bunch to support and encourage canvassing and phone banking, all of which are tools to increase Democratic turnout. Seems like in a midterm election stuff like that could make a difference.