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  • Finished The Wire for the first time

    awookiee said:
    I still love seeing John Wick and seeing Daniels playing the desk man of The Continental gives me a grin every single time. 

    If you want some more Lt. Daniels the actor basically plays the same character on Bosch. Not nearly as deep of a show but it's actually a pretty fun watch (and it has some more Wire pedigree - the actor who plays Marlo is a detective, and the showrunner was a writer on the Wire).
  • Legion tonight?!

    yea i had totally forgot this was coming out now, until I saw a couple Twitter ads this weekend. Definitely have not been playing up the marketing. I guess the audience is what it is at this point, and it's the last season, so they're not looking to bring in a whole bunch of new viewers. A bit more of a heads up to existing fans would be good though!
  • Woman's World Cup 2019

    Goal differential matters in group play and seeding for the knockout rounds, why would they let up?
  • Travel tips- New England, Maritime Canada, Quebec

    Travis said:
    We were only in Boston one time for a week, and I bet it's one of those things that's total touristy-ness and overrated through the eyes of locals, but goddamn those cannolis at Mikes were amazing. I thought about having them shipped to CA a couple of years ago, but I assumed I would screw it up with the DIY portion of the process and I didn't want to diminish the memory. Also reminds me that we really enjoyed Carmelina's which was nearby it. Think we did dinner at the latter and dessert at the former one night (though we hit Mike's a couple of times).

    Yup Mike's is the popular tourist choice, and by no means bad, but Modern Pastry right down the street is the way to go! The cannolis have a more delicate shell that balances better w/ the filling.
  • Travel tips- New England, Maritime Canada, Quebec

    In Boston there is a solid seafood shack (caveat - it's been a long time since I've been there, might want to check if it's still up to snuff) near where the ships dock - Yankee Lobster. Good lobster roll and fried clams. It's also right near Harpoon Brewery so you can wash it down with some brews afterwards.