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  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    I saw Rick Pitino betting on something while I was watching some games at the MGM Grand Sports betting area. I was thinking to myself, surely that isn’t allowed, but he wasn’t trying to hide so I guess it is.
  • 10 Album Challenge thingy

    Elliot Smith is a tragic conspiracy theory, just unbelievable ending. A story of a young master musician that died way too early a la Kurt Cobain, involving a gf, a hunting knife and a very painful death/suicide/assisted death. Fucking sucks.
  • 10 Album Challenge thingy

    Travis said:
    Another one that I liked that was floating around twitter for a minute:
    You can only listen to 3 of the 9, which ones do you take. Hipster edition:

    Elliot Smith - Either/Or
    Arcade Fire - Suburbs
    Sufan Stevens - Illinoise 
  • 10 Album Challenge thingy

    Two masterpieces for me. Both concept albums.

    Pink Floyd - The Wall
    Antlers - Hospice

    I can’t fathom how a mere mortal can possess the artistic talent to create something so perfect musically and lyrically.

    Other great works IMO

    WuTang Clan - 36 Chambers
    The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs
    Morrissey - Your Arsenal
    The Postal Service - The Postal Service
    Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism
    Trampled By Turtles - Stars and Satellites
    Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Waters
    Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

    Hon Mention
    2pac All Eyez On Me
    Turnpike Troubadours Diamonds and Gasoline
    Robert Earl Keen - BEST

  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    Man, that sucks it didn’t work out. Thanks for being candid bc I find ya’ll navigating the business interesting. I was happy for ya’ll when you talked about the opportunity over lunch long ago and could tell you both were excited, so sorry it didn’t work out. 

    While I didn’t partake in the R&M coverage, I personally find it hard to keep up with all your other coverage! His Dark, Watchmen, Legion, Stranger Things, Lunches, Reheated Lunches, the Fantasy Movie Spectacular, the Holiday special (which I’m still Working through) have me focusing on BM podcasts over all the others.

    Also, I’m very happy with the new perspectives and additional coverage done by Cecily and Alexis. So a very happy customer here and getting a lot more than $5 a months worth. Very excited to see what BM 2020 has in store.