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  • Cobra Kai

    Yes ! Love this show . Binged the first season back when it first came out on youtube premium . I think season 2 is even better than season 1 , especially that fight in the last episode. Stingray adds big laughs to the show too
  • Bald Move Customer Service

    Who knows, let's not look for trouble. I completely understand not wanting to support someone over their political, cultural, or religious views.  I've certainly cut ties with creators for similar reasons. It's always sad when something that used to make you laugh or brought you joy makes you upset. I do wish when this is the case a body would hash it out with me over at But nobody owes me a hearing. 
    Wasn't my intention to " look for any trouble" , it just amuses me when someone dances around their true intentions. And btw I do agree 100% with A_ron , it's sad when someone can't get past some cultural / political differences in order to keep enjoying the content that podcasters like you guys provide . I come from a totally opposite cultural/ religious background and that doesn't stop me from enjoying listening to and supporting baldmove. 
  • Bald Move Customer Service

    Thanks guys.  Jim responded immediately.  

    I’m pretty bummed to quit the club but for reasons I choose not to discuss here, I can’t be a part of it any longer. I joined shortly after “save bald move” to help out.  I don’t have time to take advantage of the club perks but I enjoyed supporting the guys.  I’ll be sure to check in and see what they’re covering but some topics discussed during coverage of a show are just not my cup of tea.  Maybe one day I’ll reinstate, who knows. 

    Best of luck...
    Maybe pure speculation on my part but seems like what he really wants to say is " I quit because of politics but I don't want to say it " 
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  • 503 - The Guy for This (Spoilers)

    Can we all please stop comparison BCS and BB ? they're totally different shows . Watching breaking bad for me was and will probably be a unmatched experience. I still love BCS but it's just so different tonally. 
  • The 5th Annual Bald Move Awards 2019!

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a top 10 movie for me. Maybe #1
    They totally forgot about that movie , it's my #1 too and seems like it was omitted for some reason .