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  • 503 - The Guy for This (Spoilers)

    Can we all please stop comparison BCS and BB ? they're totally different shows . Watching breaking bad for me was and will probably be a unmatched experience. I still love BCS but it's just so different tonally. 
  • The 5th Annual Bald Move Awards 2019!

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a top 10 movie for me. Maybe #1
    They totally forgot about that movie , it's my #1 too and seems like it was omitted for some reason . 
  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    Going to admit something on here, Everytime the guys mentioned how exhausted they were and how much they're looking forward to vacation time I used to raise my eyebrows and wonder what they're talking about because there wasn't much to listen to ( am not a Rick n Morty watcher ) . That's why I appreciate this latest empire business podcast because it explains a lot . Also glad you guys stuck to your principles and refused to use the game of thrones feed to dump advertising on it . 
  • Joker (Spoilers)

    Watching the collective freakout from critics on Twitter today over all of the Oscars nominations " joker" got was a amusing thing to witness . I don't know what is it about joker that seems to trigger people . It seems to me that most of the people who are criticizing it are either "elite critics " living in a bubble or Martin Scorsese fan boys who claim the movie is derivative of taxi driver and king of comedy . What's most insulting however , is critics calling it stupid and dumb . I think that's insulting to most of the fans who resonated with the movie ideas of the class gap and the deterioration of mental health services in this country . 
  • Joker (Spoilers)

    I just saw this movie after recently rewatching Taxi Driver which I think really colored my opinion of the movie. It is so blatantly obvious how badly this movie wants to be a new generation's version of Taxi Driver, but it has a fraction of the depth of Scorcese's movie. I'd say at least 50% of Joker's scenes are lifted straight from that movie, but the Joker here is so poorly characterized that all of those scenes just seem like cheap imitation knock offs. Joaquin Phoenix does his best, but this is a completely hollow movie. 
    Hmm strange , I've rewatched taxi driver after I watched joker , and I have news for you . I enjoyed joker more