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  • El Camino -Rewatching the Final Season

    I've rewatched breaking bad 3-4 times since it ended from beginning to end , started my 5th rewatch recently and I still find new small details about the show . Can't wait for El Camino
  • Breaking Bad Movie

    Deepfakes are incredibly scary to me as we go because of the potential for them to be used to manipulate the media and the public. This rules though.
    Wow , this is unsettling 
  • Succession - HBO

    Haven't laughed this hard during a tv episode since ..... Succession aired the episode " Prague" last season.  This show is a gem 
    Teresa from Concord
  • Succession - HBO

    ken hale said:
    mft9186 said:
    I really can't understand why this show is not getting the coverage or the following it deserves . Last season was a truly great season of television and the reviews for the 2nd season seem to be great. People seem to be skeptic about it because it's about rich people but they're missing the point that show is making fun of those rich people and showing what miserable fuck they are and not glorifying them 
    I can't speak for everyone who lacks enthusiasm for this show, and I can't even really articulate my own reasons for it, but I find it really difficult to get through an episode, much less binge it now that I've fallen behind.  I mean, I started this topic and I'm just now trying to finish episode 7 (again).  I don't know why.  It's well-written and funny and everything, there's just something about the tone of it that makes it less than fun to watch.
    I totally get that , it might not be for everyone and if you still don't get it after the first 5-6 episodes then it might just not be your taste . For me it's one of those few show where the trailer sold me the show and I was in from the beginning , maybe it has to do with me growing up watching family Dynamics soap operas ( I didn't grow up in the USA ) 
    ken hale
  • Succession - HBO

    Another stellar episode , this show has the best writing on TV  " looking for pussy like a fucking techno Gatsby "  that line killed me last night