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  • Eating Their Own. And their $$$

    Also I’d like to say my prior comments were in no way meant to Kink shame the ass-eating community by the way. Live your best life fam. 
  • Protests Across the America

    Not sure why you linked my post in that, by accident I assume. 

    My biggest longterm concern with all of this, beyond the idea that the guy in charge of the country is a big fan of authoritarianism and would love to put the country under martial law, is that there’s still a global pandemic going on and all these people gathering together, and inevitably being arrested and placed in tight confines together, is going to wreak havoc on a virology level.  No way this doesn’t cause more outbreaks. (Which will of course be blamed on the protestors and not the federal government that’s still failing to produce some real available testing but I digress)
    Benken hale
  • Protests Across the America

    As far as Trump remaining President I think the simplest answer is by hook and by crook he’d just cheat to win the election November exactly like he did in 2016. He’s already trying to make it as hard as possible for people to vote against him and has all but admitted he’d accept foreign help to win again. It’s just way easier to win by manipulating the regular Democratic method of staying in office rather than inventing some brand new way to either cancel the election or refuse to accept its results.  The alternative would require Trump to mobilize an actual military coup and admit that he knows he couldn’t win the election. Hard to imagine that violent insurrection and interventions by our allies wouldn’t take place if Trump literally tried a literal coup. It’s what Russia and China do, they just hold sham elections in which they rig the result in their favor.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Damn that’s more than I make and we’re still working in office, clearly I need to negotiate a raise. 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    More on topic, people should stop moaning about people going to parks. Do you want people to hang out in the mall?! We should be making more parks honestly, this is ridiculous. “Oh man look as these people at the park not social distancing let’s shame them”, motherfucker you’re at the same park! How’d you get that photo otherwise??? Shame people having a mosh pit or some bullshit but let people have their picnics and their hikes. We should make a schedule for national parks so that everyone is allotted time to attend in small groupings. Best way to solve staying at home depression. 

    Stay six feet apart and go for walk, you’ll feel better. Take some allergy meds first though, pollen is crazy right now.