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  • Upcoming Disney Dates

    Michelle said:
    Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse.  They'll be fantastic movies that half the audience will complain about the endings being dumb because they 'didn't get it'.
    I think it will be Weiss and Benioff. They'll be fantastic movies that half the audience will complain about the endings being dumb because they 'didn't play out according to Reddit theories.'
  • Congratulations Cecily and Baldmove!!!

    Chinaski said:
    Freddy said:
    Graham said:
    Does this mean there’s finally someone to cast a tiebreaking vote so Bald Move can have an official stance on Hawaiian pizza?
    I just want to know what her stance is on a hot dog being a sandwich
    Taco Bell doesn't sell hot dogs or sandwiches. Although, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if we end up in a brutal hellscape where Taco Bell/Subways are a thing and they start selling torta cubanas. https://images.app.goo.gl/L5rv3X8zr1az5fix7
    Yeah. That's a hot dog weenie hanging out right in the epicenter of that piece of shit.
    the Bell has dabbled in sandwiches before..

    Related image
    Umm...that's clearly a sideways taco and not a sandwich. It's one piece of bread on 3 sides (like a hot dog). False advertising by the Bell. #fastfoodbankruptcy #hotdogsaretacostoo
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    chuck1991 said:
    Tom said:
    Show  Cersei seems to be a pretty good leader these days. The city running well, its people value her protection & sound military decisions.

    Not really sure how show Jaime 'redeems' himself by killing his lover / sister / unborn child. Hope the Lannister trio team up. 
    She blew up the sept killing hundreds?  
    Hey, at least people can park in downtown King's Landing on a Sunday morning now. #TeamCersei #FourMoreYears
    A good master of coin will start charging for the parking, too. At least for special events like tourneys.
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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    I need to do a rewatch, likely tomorrow but my initial take on those scenes don't hint at all that Sansa was happy Cersei might win.  
    Narrator: Sansa was not happy Cersei might win.
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    Marci said:
    I’m not referring to any specific posts here; this is just a general fandom rant. I’m so over all the talk about how the double Ds obviously don’t care anymore, that they’ve given up or lost interest or are too busy thinking about their next project, just because people don’t agree with where they are taking the show. Look, I’m not saying that it’s perfect or that every decision they make is flawless, but it’s completely ridiculous to suggest that they would just casually half-ass what is arguably the biggest show ever. Or that they would make decisions to somehow spite the creator of the story for not finishing the books in time. I’m not saying the show is beyond reproach, or that some things couldn’t have been done better. People are fallible and mistakes happen, or sometimes things don’t play out like expected or have to be rushed for whatever reason. Sometimes hindsight is 20/20. Making a show like this is an enormous undertaking that literally requires thousands of people across the globe working at as close to the top of their game as they can get. It’s like doing approximately 5 feature films in about a year and a half of time (or less, some seasons). They may drop the ball sometimes, but nobody is dropping it on purpose. Again, that’s not to say that some criticism isn’t warranted or even objectively correct, but some of it is just way out of hand.

    But Starbucks!!!!