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  • RIP Those Who Died in 2020

    Other than Bowie, Tony Rice’s passing has hit me the hardest of any famous person. Hardly an exaggeration, dude was the Earl Scruggs of bluegrass guitar. One of the all-time great rhythm guitarists. RIP, brother. You brought me great joy. 
  • Documentary (Recommendations)

    Chinaski said:
    personally i love music docs. 
    Genghis Blues is worth a watch. Paul Pena wrote Jet Airliner, had his recording career destroyed by the giant asshole who owned the record label he had a contract with (Albert Grossman, who also conspired with another gigantic asshole, Robbie Robertson, to dick over the rest of The Band), taught himself how to sing Tuvan throat singing, and triumphantly wowed everyone when he was invited to Tuva to perform in a throat singing festival. Another heartwarming break from our current awful world. 
  • Who Would You Spend Your Day With?

    The genius of David Attenborough:

    I'm there, standing to the side off-camera. The bat Attenborough is holding and talking to is actually something he impromptu made out of a piece of duct tape with sticks and other objects to look like a head and arms because right before this was shot he decided he didn't want to hold a struggling bat and hurt it. Notice a couple of times how he wiggles it so it looks like the head is moving. He did that in one take, too.
  • Who Would You Spend Your Day With?

    If you're choosing a real person, y'all should choose David Attenborough. I had the chance to spend a few days with him on a couple of different documentary filmings, and he's as delightful of a human being as you would hope he would be. On one of the occasions, I was there for the sole reason of telling him where not to step on rare plants, but all day long he kept asking me questions about the natural history of that site. I'm almost certain he actually knew the answers to everything was asking, but he has an uncanny talent for making you feel like you are an invaluable and crucial source of information needed to complete his work. 
  • Brag on your kids

    Man, I don’t know what I’d do in these miserable times without having a pack of wonderfully talented children around to cheer me up. 

    Our society bitches incessantly about how entitled and worthless this generation of kids are, but I see exactly the opposite. My kids and their friends (from early teens to early 20s) amaze me at their optimism, righteous anger to make the world better, realistic acceptance of the challenges that face their generation, and understanding of the hard work that will be required of them. 

    What awesome things are your kids doing? 

    My 14 year old daughter’s latest work. 

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