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  • US Politics Thread 2.0

    @emnofseattle You are seeing what you choose to see.
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  • US Politics Thread 2.0

    @emnofseattle If a tiki torch company can make it abundantly clear they are not and do not wish to be associated with white supremacy and neo-Nazism, do you not think the most powerful person in the country should be able to do the same?
  • Atypical

    I also thought Jennifer Jason Leigh was kind of... I don't know, too much actress for the show, haha. I wouldn't expect to see someone with her acting pedigree on a show like this.
    I don't know, she's always been kind of fringe-y. It's not like she's in Julia Roberts/Jennifer Aniston league. More Kyra Sedgwick/Minnie Driver, either of whom I could see playing this role.
  • Atypical

    I breezed through it on the weekend and really liked it. Michael Rappaport as the dad is great, and a nice conflicting portrayal of someone who is baffled and embarrassed by his son's condition but also ashamed of himself for being so. JJL is harder to like - I can't even imagine the stresses of being a parent of a special needs child, but the hyper controlling mom trope grinds my gears. Also, it drives me nuts that she talks through her teeth so much (Gillian Anderson does this too and it makes them sound mumbly a lot of the time).

    The sister started off as a bit of a dick but she grew on me, and I like her boyfriend. She needs nicer friends, though.

    I don't know anyone IRL with autism so I have no idea whether it's an accurate portrayal or even whether it's something that might be considered offensive. But I liked the show a lot - it was warm and sweet without being cloying.
  • US Politics Thread 2.0

    MOD NOTE: Right, this might be a good time to remind everyone that personal attacks are not acceptable here. This particular discussion is getting more and more heated and I've seen a couple of remarks that sail close to the wind.

    Argue your politics, beliefs, facts, etc, but do not attack each other. As we say in 'Straya, play the ball, not the man.