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  • The Romanoffs

    JaimieT said:
    Michelle said:
    @A_Ron_Hubbard and @Jim I know you have said you've been considering covering this show and I'm pretty much begging you to please do a weekly podcast on it.

    I would fucking love that.
    I think they are - I’m sure I heard it mentioned in their “what’s coming up” on the Better Call Saul podcast. They said they were doing it on their Bald Move TV one. 
  • The Good Place (NBC)

    MrX said:
    The whole lesser Hemsworth subplot was pretty great. Only 6'4" and barely has an eight pack!
    I wonder if that’s how Luke feels IRL... 
  • US Election

    sbench2 said:
    This is quite a bit of insightful information. But I personally find it infuriating that the government in power has the ability to basically decide who can vote. And I don’t even live in your country. What is the overall feeling of the citizens on these practices? If the concesnsus is against it, how do you stop it?
    It does seem kind of crazy to me as a non-American. My country’s government hassles us non-stop to register and to vote, whereas the American government seems to do all they can to actively discourage it. I mean, I get why, but it’s not at all democracy by any stretch. It’s so shady. 
  • Making A Murderer - Season 2

    bennytube said:
    Avery is guilty AF.  His nephew is probably guilty, but also probably wasn't give a fair trial and should walk.
    No chance that hillbilly killed her in that messy garage, cleaned out all of the schmutz, and then reassembled his giant mess.  If he did it, it wasn't how the state presented it.

    I'm aware of some of the things that have come out since the documentary.  It will definitely be worth watching if you haven't seen much since.
    It's difficult to speculate about the details of the're assuming that the garage would have been a mess etc I don't to get into a giant debate about it but it's entirely possible that steps could have been taken to avoid such a mess etc.

    He called her to his house, he'd been creepy with her before in the past, her bones were discovered in his fire pit, her car was found hidden on his property, his blood DNA was in her car, his sweat DNA was found on her car key and the hood latch of her car (the nephew testified that Avery pooped the hood of the car, the fact that DNA was found there confirms his account) etc.  the minutiae details of the theory of the crime only distract from the basic facts of the case - which all point to his guilt.

    Agreed. I don’t buy that he was set up - he had history with her and was creepy as hell towards her. If he didn’t do it, then who the hell did? 

    Fuck that guy - he can rot in prison. And fuck the doco makers for trying to turn a guy who murdered a woman (and threw a cat on a fire - we all know what torturing animals is a sign of) into a martyr. 
  • Breaking Bad after watching Better Call Saul - no contest

    I enjoyed the first couple of seasons of BCS more than the whole of Breaking Bad. I wouldn’t say objectively it’s a better show, but I like it better, even though this season just gone was kind of lacklustre.