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  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    I actually do believe that things like telephone and internet service would be better suited as a non-profit public utility than a profit-making venture for a corporation. Call me crazy. 
    Yes, me too. I don’t know about US, but utilities used to be government owned here and then in the 80s there was a big sell off to privatise them. We have been paying through the nose ever since. I don’t have an issue with paying for them, but I do have an issue with them being for profit. Guess I’m crazy too! 
  • The most underrated shows? (In your opinion)

    @pavlovsbell Yes, I was surprised and a bit disappointed when he bagged out his own performance as Stannis - he did a great job. He’s probably the character I miss most of those no longer in it. 
  • The most underrated shows? (In your opinion)

    I just recently tried watching Luther, but there was a scene in the first episode where he goes over to his estranged wife's house and tears shit up, and I am just maxed out on toxic male culture at the moment. I'm sure there's some complexity to the character yada yada, but I couldn't bring myself to watch it unfold.
    Luther the character is an arsehole. I watched it when it was first on so I wasn’t burnt out by that anti-hero male bullshit yet. I don’t know if I could get into it if I were watching it now. 
  • The most underrated shows? (In your opinion)

    Dee said:
    Alright, I'm starting my own list now, but it's a mile long so I'll divide it in sections/genres... first one: 

    Crime/detective shows: 
    Broadchurch Two great main characters, the English countryside, foul play. Addictive! 

    The fall Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan (in his best role yet? Surprisingly good!). Very dark mood. "Psycho creepy murderer" scenario brilliantly executed in this one! 

    Happy Valley A female lead detective. A missing child. Addictive! (Only seen 1st season). 

    Luther  Idris Elba. A badass "copper" in England. Great intrigue with corruption on the force and Luther battling his personal demons.  

    All of these are British fictional crime shows and I love them all! That's saying a lot from someone who "hates crime shows". :) I feel like they haven't reached the larger world audience. But I could be wrong. It's just that the only person I know who has heard about these shows is my mom, (who devours every crime show in the history of time!)  :)

    I’ve seen all those - I’m a UK crime show junkie. I think they all definitely had critic love overseas (I’m in Australia), if not large audiences. I don’t know about the US, but here those shows tend to be on the “old people” channel and don’t get much fanfare so people don’t know they are there. 
    Most of these aired on Netflix here, except Broadchurch originally aired via either PBS or BBC America. Broadchurch was so popular that it earned the abysmal American remake (I didn't watch the American version).

    Happy Valley is my favorite of the bunch. Sarah Lancashire is just phenomenal, and it's an excellent show all around. I loved the first season of Broadchurch but haven't heard great things about the second season.

    Everyone loves Idris Elba, and there was talk of doing an American version of Luther (again, why?), but I think that fell apart.

    I didn't care for The Fall. I'm usually a big fan of Gillian Anderson, but not in this. Jamie Dornan, OTOH, is surprisingly great.

    I also really like The Tunnel, not so much for the story but for the characters. I'm a big Stephen Dillane fan, and he's fantastic in this, as is Clémence Poésy. S3 is currently airing in the UK, but I don't know when we'll get it here.
    I agree Happy Valley is the best of the bunch - everyone in it is so good. Shirley Henderson is SO creepy in S2! 

    Stephen Dillane is great in The Tunnel, and his charm as that character is a lot to do with why I was always Team Stannis in GoT. 
  • The most underrated Movies? (In your opinion)

    *takes a deep breath*


    One of my all time favourites that no one else has ever seen is What Happened Was. It’s Tom Noonan (who also wrote it) and Karen Silas playing these work colleagues who have an awkward dinner date. The whole thing is set in her apartment and they are the only two characters. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s so good. The trailer is ridiculous - it makes it look like a sinister stalker movie, which it is not at all. I bloody love it! 

    Still Life is a gorgeous, unheard of little UK film with Eddie Marsan (pretty much my favourite actor) playing a council employee whose job is to follow up any possible relatives for people who have died alone. Joanne Froggatt is also in it, and it’s very quiet and lovely. 

    Sixty Six also stars Eddie Marsan, as well as Helena Bonham-Carter as the parents of a boy whose bar mitzvah is booked for the day that England gets into the 1966 World Cup. It’s sweet and a bit quirky, as those kinds of British films tend to be. 

    Frailty! I never hear anyone talk about it and it’s so good - Bill Paxton as a man who claims to see demons in people. Quite twisty so if anyone is going to watch it, don’t google. 

    Fat Kid Rules The World is about a fat kid and his friendship with a dodgy wheeler dealer kid and was directed by Matthew Lillard. 

    Meet The Robinsons is my favourite animated movie after The Iron Giant, but it’s another one that I never hear anyone talk about. My daughter and I watch it at least yearly and cry buckets. 

    I could go on and on, but I’ll give someone else a go.