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  • 310 - "Somebody to Love"

    Ok I'm having trouble with the quoting feature... 

    But at any rate, this finale just falls apart for me, I loved last season and the season before it but at some point this season it's like Varga has just BS'd so much, he plays it both ways all the time where on one hand he suggest threatening to kill an IRS auditors kids and then saying "well he couldn't find us out if he had my account numbers" then while I don't usually complain about injecting politics into art because at this point I know most people in Hollywood are straight up leftists and I expect it now, just the constant overtly political messaging this entire season also detracted, I mean this was salute to the Bernie crowd, crowds of 99% peasants, Cayman Islands banks, guns with fingerprint scanners (and while we're on guns, a suppressor does not make a shot that quiet, if wrench actually did skullcap Emmit in that kitchen everyone at the table would be screaming and running in) predatory wall street practices, corrupt LE agents (corrupted by whom and to what extent is never explained, like in NYC during the heyday of the mob, everyone knew who the mafia was and who their leaders were and knew these people controlled the system to some extent, this whole "well I might have influence but might not" doesn't actually work) And then this Idea Ray is somehow a victim and Emmit was reaping the rewards of inheritence without earning it... like this whole season was overtly just a love fest of different political tropes and I think the plot was written around the politics and written around it poorly. 

    I've had problems with the quoting feature on and off for quite awhile now - especially when I'm on my tablet (iPad 2 mini - maybe you're using the same?).

    I somewhat agree with you, but for different reasons.  I really liked this season, but thought that it was probably the weakest of the three.  To me, season 2 was the best season of TV ever so that's the clear cut best season for me, so I'm really weighing season 1 vs season 3.  Right now I'd say that season 1 was better, but I want season 3 to kick around in my head for a few days before I really commit to that.

    I liked season two even though one had the better story, purely because I liked the setting in 1979

    To me, season 2 was perfect - I don't have a single complaint about it.  I loved the story, the characters, the writing, the performances, the direction, the cinematography etc.  every element of the show was perfect for me.

    I agree - it has by far been my favourite season so far.

  • Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

    Dr Horrible is entertaining, but I am that one person in the world who can't stand NPH. His smugness irks me no end.
  • do people really say fuck as often as they do on hbo?

    Depends on the audience. I have drastically curbed cursing in front of my daughter, and at work.  Otherwise, fuckity fuck fuck fuck.  

    When my daughter was very young (like 4) I was taking her somewhere and got stopped by a train.  It was one of those eternal, slow moving trains and no way of getting out and taking an alternate route.  As they say in Christmas Story, I wove a tapestry of curses.   Then this tiny innocent voice came from the back seat 'PApa don't say Fuck it makes me sad". 
    Awwww, bless. Meanwhile mine at that age was in a bottle shop with me and said - in that piercing tone only a four year old can manage - "Mum, you said you weren't going to drink anymore!" (I had said I was going to diet and part of that was no wine.) Yay me for quality parenting...

  • do people really say fuck as often as they do on hbo?

    Speak to me at the end of any work day...
  • Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp on Netflixs

    @MrX Omg I had no idea they were making another season! I love pretty much everyone in it and I'll watch anything that involves Paul Rudd, so I'm in.