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  • If Star Wars were Arrested Development

    Edit: damn it, why can’t I embed on mobile. Anyway, click the link. It’s worth it. 
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  • U.S. Politics Part 5: Same old Thread...Just New.

    tom_g said:
    tom_g said:
    Someone convince me that the Sovereign Citizens Movement isn't crazy.
    I didn't know what this was, but I started looking in to it last night and it lead me down a google/youtube rabbit hole of absolute madness.

    Next - Someone convince me that 'incel' isn't crazy.
    Now you’re just torturing us. 
  • U.S. Politics Part 5: Same old Thread...Just New.

    seanray said:
    Professional politician that’s the problem. I think The American people wanted to shake up the status quo. They saw Hilary, and saw 4 more years of Obama. 4 more years of a politician who had their fundraisers, backers, and unions best interest in mind, instead of economical growth and “America first” wether that is a right or wrong headed approach is anyone’s opinion. When they hear things like “we’re gonna win so much, you’re gonna get sick of winning” or “We’re gonna put America back to work” I think they saw an opportunity to shake up the politician arena with someone who claimed he was self financed his campaign. “Oh, no one owns him! He will put America first!” That sort of thing.
    I’m sick of getting my hair cut by know it all hairdressers with their la de da expensive scissors and hairdresser school learning. Let me just ask this random weirdo who walks around the street loudly talking to himself. I’m sure he’ll make my hair great again. 
  • Chat thread-Formerly known as Pizza- Strong Australian Vibes

    @Cdrive I would be more afraid of a huge flying bug than anything we have here! 

  • 815 - Worth

    lengmo said:
    Michelle said:
    ...except for FTWD kinda pretty much sucks.  

    Btw, what are 'advanced' viewers vs. regular ol' viewers?
    Man, you haters never give up.  Personally I find a lot to like in season 2, but most folks agree season 3 is very good. (SPOILERS)
    "What the buzz for Fear should have been though, given that Season 3 was a notably strong outing for the series, was that it became, over this past summer, a better series overall than The Walking Dead."

    Advanced viewers, people who saw the two first episodes in advance of everyone else:
    Season 4 Of 'Fear The Walking Dead' Is So Much Better Than 'The Walking Dead' It's Not Even Funny

    At this point The Bold And The Beautiful is a better show than The Walking Dead. This is not a high bar to jump.