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    @amyja89 Sandy Hook is when I realised nothing will ever change in the US when it comes to gun control. If two dozen dead children can't do it, nothing else will. :-(
  • Just got fired from my job

    Oh, that really sucks. Seems harsh to boot you after one error, but I guess it depends on the scale. I've found from personal experience that @sean.ray is right. Most of the time the universe balances out and things like this do happen for a reason.

    My practical advice - as someone who has dealt a lot with the unemployed - is to bang on out the job apps immediately. Any kind of break you take will end up stretching longer, and becomes harder to bring a halt to (and also to explain to future prospective employers).

    Good luck. :-)
  • US Politics Thread 2.0

    I don't say this as a joke, or to make light of it or anything at all like that, but it's possible that McCain is suffering from an age-related cognitive or memory illness of some sort (or simply "getting old").  Given what's at stake, I get why people are calling him out but they might want to temper their language and anger - if they tear into him and it turns out he's dealing with something, they're going to feel like a jackass for roasting someone who deserves the respect of being treated like a hero.

    But by the same token, if that's true then he should not have any kind of investigative or decision making powers in government.
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  • A.ron's passionate defense of season 1 is exactly how Lost's finale supporters feel

    That's funny because when @A_Ron_Hubbard was saying (essentially), "If you don't like it, you don't get it", my immediate thought was, "Jesus, mate - now you just sound like a Lost stan."

    And now we go into round 567 of The Lost Argument...
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  • Foodie Corner

    @cdrive i have baked beans on a wholemeal English muffin for breakfast about three times a week. Quick, tasty, filling, and sodium notwithstanding, reasonably healthy. It's a great breakfast!