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    It’s winter here so I’m all about soups and casseroles (I don’t think our casseroles are what you Americans call casseroles - ours are meat and veg dishes cooked in the oven). I made porcupine casserole yesterday and divided it up for the week’s lunch - do you have that? It’s meatballs cooked in a tomato sauce, but you include uncooked rice in the actual ball ingredients, which makes the “quills”. It’s trash food but I love it, and I’m all about pre-made work lunches these days. To have with it I did baby potatoes cut in half and tossed in a bit of olive oil and herbs de Provence and roasted, along with baby Brussels sprouts tossed in olive oil, Panko crumbs, Parmesan and garlic and also roasted. That’s my lunch all this week. 

    Tacos, oddly enough. We have them once a week. Every other night is whatever I feel like doing. 
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  • Calling Australians, I have a question!

    I have a question for Aussies too....why do you keep living in a place infested with every dangerous thing on the planet?
    Because we’re not weenies?
  • Petty grievances

    @akritenbrink To be fair, it’s usually the Aussies doing that so it’s probably their turn, lol. 
  • Deleting Facebook

    Dee said:
    @akritenbrink I don’t want all my ex school friends knowing I do nothing with my life, lol. And I couldn’t care less what any of them are doing. 

    Theres an author with my surname and I’ve always wanted to email her and ask if we are related but I don’t read her books and I tried one once and didn’t like it, so I feel bad about that, lol. 
    What are you talking about? You are a very important MOD on a FORUM lol 

    My sister did one of those DNA tests (talk about privacy issues) and it found a Kritenbrink a couple states away from where we grew up that was distantly related, along with some other people who only showed usernames. One time  years ago when I was working in retail and folks still wrote checks, a guy came through with a check and his FIRST AND LAST NAME were the same as my uncle's, I almost thought he stole my uncle's checkbook, but the address was in a different suburb. So then I said... Wow that's my last name too... and he told me that he had been told there were some Kritenbrink brothers a few generations back that had a falling out and scattered to the four winds, basically. This guy was in a family of Kritenbrinks that grew up in the same metro area as us but maybe 30 miles away, who we had always known about because they were the only ones in the phone book we didn't know, haha.  But when we asked my dad about these other phone book Kritenbrinks, he was just like "no, they aren't related, end of topic." I asked my dad about this story and he said it was nonsense, but it's hard to believe that when our name is so uncommon, and my dad is a difficult contrarian. So it was really interesting to hear that the DNA test found that cousin.

    Speaking of privacy, when I was a kid you could just look up your crush's parents in the phonebook and take a leisurely stroll past his house. Not that my friends and I ever did that kind of thing, NOPE LOL
    And ring their number just to hear them say “Hello” and then quickly hang up. Not that I would ever have done that myself...