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  • 705- Eastwatch

    2 parts that left a sour note with me:

    --Jaime and Bronn somehow not being dragged out of the river and instead Bronn held his breath for however many minutes with would take to tow a fully armored man under the water to the other side of the river. There's no logic that could convince me that if everyone is watching you charge at a dragon/queen, then you get knocked into the water 5 feet away from her, that you are somehow not going to be captured. The writers simply couldn't have Jaime be captured, so they hand waved and turned Bronn into Aquaman, and also made Dany not care about capturing THE general of her enemies army.

    --Cersei being pregnant. I just..can't with this Jaime plot. Hopefully the baby will come out looking like a dothraki, with a full braid of black hair, and Jaime will bounce. Of course, he asked if it was his like he wouldn't even be surprised that she's messing around. So perhaps show-Jaime simply doesn't give a fuck if the love of his life has the same feelings for him or is using him.
    He didn't ask if the baby was his, he asked whose she would say it was.
  • Favourite Colognes and Perfumes

    Awww, now this is my wheelhouse! I collected fragrances for years and had a perfume blog for a while. My sense of smell went a bit weird a couple of years ago so I got rid of most of them. It's kind of coming back now so I've been wearing perfume again lately.

    I am partial to orientals - Miller Harris Fleur Oriental is probably my favourite, closely followed by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Snake Oil. I like a good headkicking perfume. I also like woody scents like L'Artisan Dzing! (which is beautifully dirtied up with a leather note) and the sadly discontinued Solstice Scents Old Cedar Magus. I could probably go on forever on this topic, so I'll stop now.
  • Stop Shipping Jon and Dany

    I'm shipping Jon and the Onion Knight.
  • US Politics Thread 2.0

    Also reported, he's got his lawyers figuring out how he can have power to pardon aides, family members and even himself from the Mueller probe. #michaeljacksonpopcorn

    Also with the 32M losing healthcare according to the CBO report with repeal and no replace, let's say just 1% of that 32M losing coverage (low in my opinion) are affected with severe, dangerous health implications. Then say 1% of that 1% whose health is critically endangered from loss of acess dies? That's 3,200 dead, more devastating than the number of people that died in 9/11. Gross negligence, incompetency, political nihilism resulting in a tragedy more devastating than the worst terrorist attack in US history. And that body count would be the most vulnerable in our society: the poor, the sick, the old, and children. It's madness.

    No because all those people will still have access to care. Insurance is not care, nobody was denied lifesaving care before ACA. Unless it was for unproven expiremtal treatments, but hey as Charlie Gard and ... I can't remember her name but she was a woman in Oregon in the 90s who was on the state health plan and they wouldn't pay for her to get an expiremental treatment but sent her a letter saying she qualified for euthanasia. I'll look that up, but anyway the point is government health systems won't pay to save your life either so not really an improvement there
    What about ongoing care? Medications, remedial treatments, necessary medical equipment and tests, etc.? Will people still have access to those?
  • 2017 Emmy nominations

    @Chinaski Whenever I feel angry or sad I do a google image search for "Alexander Skarsgard Jack McBrayer" and it just makes everything right again.