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  • Universal Soldier (1992) - Podcast Discussion

    I remember seeing this in the Cinema when it came out and being blown away by the premise and action... hearing the Pod today, I am a little worried to watch it again but loved the Podcast! Thanks for reviewing another classic... I love these Bald Movie 'casts!
  • Easy Rider

    A surprising blast from the past guys, thank you for another interesting take. You mentioned how the end of the film probably shocked cinema goers in '69. I watched it about 30 years ago with a couple of fellow students and we were all really bummed at the end... We had spent 20 years not having the end spoilt for us and couldn't believe it. A more innocent and much more mysoginistic time (as you and Roger E pointed out). Thanks for the weekly Bald Movies! 
  • The Podcast Maneuver – S01E01 – “Remembrance”: A Picard Podcast Discussion!

    I'm very much looking forward to the addition of prints of Cmdr Data's masterpiece 'Ferengi Teeth', in Bald Moves Merch shop. A beautiful image. I am still laughing now. 
  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    This was a fascinating Podcast, the Empire Businesses always are. I would like to point out that, although you didn't get the rewards (you expected and richly deserved), you built up a great catalogue of content In Pickle me this, that (even with Jim only instant casting it at the end) beats any other podcasts on R&M I've heard. So, great work... As always. 
  • 1917 (Spoilers)

    gguenot said:
    Thought I’d start a discussion thread for this. I thought it was excellent and the acting was top notch.

    Does anyone know what happened to the the guy when he was knocked unconscious? Didn’t seem like he was shot, what made him fly back? Lost his balance?
    Watched it last night with my wife and thought it was brilliant... I said to my wife, I think the sniper was already dead and in fact he was hit on the rebound by his own bullet (off the wall the sniper was slumped against) and cut the back of his head as he fell... If not, I've no idea what happened