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  • Foods you hated growing up but now love

    As a child I hated 'Curry' and 'Chilli'. .. But as I got older I realised I'm not a fan of extremely hot food and there are loads of curries and milder chillis I now love.. We have a great culture of curry houses in the UK so I'm glad I got over my fear/hatred 25 years ago :) 
  • The Lives of Others - Commissioned Podcast

    Great podcast guys and thanks to Dr. Nick for picking it. I already liked this film a lot so was really excited to see it turn up in my feed.
    It always reminds me of the summer of 1994 when a College friend and I met a couple of former-East German students who were visiting England for the summer. We met them in a pub one night and took them to a small music festival one day. It was a really humbling experience as they were a year younger than us but were much more serious and restrained in their behaviour than we were. Once they felt comfortable to speak we understood why. They had grown up living dual lives. At home, their parents would talk about their hatred of the government but would coach them to only speak positively about it at school. I also remember them telling us how (at the age of 5) their parents had told them that if they were invited to take part in a game by the teachers where they had to pick up a tennis ball - count to 5 - and throw it as far as possible, then they should do very badly. The girls didnt know why but did as they were told. The best few children disappeared from school. It was only as they grew older that they realised, it was a game simulating throwing a grenade and those children  Who were good got sent to military academies. This film confirms to me that these girls were not making this stuff up.
    My friend and I were both grateful to have grown up in England after meeting them! 
  • Expanse Season 3 on UK Prime

    Just a heads up for any other UK viewers that Expanse season 3 is now on Amazon Prime here as well.. Sorry if this is old news.
  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    i like the fact that they guys will be streaming the previous 'Groundhog Day' marathon in the background.. i think they need to do this every year as an appropriate tribute to Groundhog day..
  • The Last Kingdom - Season 2 - Netflix

    We've only just discovered this but have binged all three seasons in no time! Netflixs money seems to have improved the costumes and special effects.. A good stop gap for GoT fans!