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  • Harlots - SPOILERS

    Incidentally just realized he was the lead vampire familiar in Penny Dreadful, and he was great in that too.
  • Harlots - SPOILERS

    Coming back a year later has been disorienting, even though I was binging up to this point and finally caught up with the live show. I was happy to see Mags' husband was John Lynch--I've enjoyed seeing him pop up in things since 1995 in Roan Inish, then The Fall, and of course The Terror. Shame he has to do an American accent though :)

    Absolutely gutted losing such a magnetic, bright character in Charlotte, willingly or not. And I'm so upset for Lady Fitz, who's finally rising above it and loses yet again, while her brother continues to be the absolute most wretched with no censure. 

    I agree that Lydia looks bizarrely needy and foolhardy at times, especially with such an inexperienced pawn. I do think she's losing it a little, and I loved the house of her "mentor" falling into her hands. But frankly I'm annoyed that she's managed to get her foot in the door of Golden Square AGAIN, and find out that Maggie is still alive that easily and quickly. UGH. I wasn't under any illusions that she'd learn or change, but somehow she stays winning.

    Last thought--Justice Knox is fire and reminds me a bit of Jonathan Tucker. 
  • New Research on the Franklin Expedition (AMC's The Terror)

    Fascinating. It's both informative and horrible that they didn't die of anything as simple as lead poisoning but rather long, slow exposure and starvation. Good times. 
  • Sharp Objects Ep. 7 - Falling

    Also, for all this business about Richard being so taken aback because he thought they were seeing each other, his perception of their relationship has always bothered me. He's the one saying things are dates, and she doesn't agree it is a date. He says they're seeing each other, and she questions it but doesn't agree. Yes, she stuck his hand down her pants during their first kiss. If he didn't like that, he's a grown man and a detective and he shouldn't have blown by that red flag like it was a quirk. After they have sex he tries to follow up with an offer of cooking for her and she doesn't really agree to it. I know feelings aren't always logical, but he has nobody to get butthurt towards but himself for missing all those marks as a detective. Camille didn't tell him to bug off, but she didn't verbally agree either, and after spending 2 days elbow deep in the Crellin Files, he should have an intimate understanding about why she has a tendency to let people do things to her especially when she doesn't want it. He should be questioning the ethics of his whole interaction with her. YMMV.
  • Sharp Objects Ep. 7 - Falling

    One thing I'm appreciating about the expanded role of Alan is how textbook his situation is. In Understanding the Borderline Mother (and other related books) there are types of Borderlines and corresponding partners. For every Queen, like Adora, there is a Huntsman. Reluctant participant or not, he's occasionally dispatched to do her dirty work to stay in her graces and look the other way when she's flexing her muscles. My own parents' situation is so similar, from the couch bed with 2 open spare rooms, to times he's called and regurgitated her words so he can report back that he did. Alan poring over the Bible to justify his actions or drowning his misgivings in music so he can keep existing in Adora's world is so accurate. One can never forget that these partners belong to the aggressor first--there is no truly significant separate parental relationship, so Alan is probably no more a father to Amma than he is to Camille. There is a mother, and there is... that man in the house.

    Changing gears, I wasn't a fan of Richard calling Camille a drunken slut. I get that he was shocked and under the impression that they were in a relationship. However, he JUST spent 2 days finding out that her mother has Munchausens' by Proxy and that Camille was institutionalized for hurting herself. His conclusion should be everything but that. Seems like a convenient reductive comment simply so viewers don't expect anything from him going forward. I know people go off half cocked in moments like these, so I don't need it explained to me, but the same distancing effect could have been accomplished by his disappointment, disapproval, and understanding in a similar vein to his intuitive responses on Calhoun Day. This feels like that scene in Love Actually where Rodrigo Santoro's character says he completely understands why Sarah needs to answer the phone for her disabled brother, then 15 seconds later is put out by it and never asks her out again. WHICH IS IT.

    Ugh, whatever.