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  • 209 - Vanishing Point

    ken hale said:
    The plotholes just keep piling up and my suspension of disbelief is on the floor in pieces at this point.  

    - They refrigerated not one, but TWO women this week for the purpose of William's character development.  I suppose I'm supposed to care if Emily or even William is a host but I don't.  

    - I've had it with the theorizing.  I can't even listen to the podcast anymore, no offense.  People speculating that either William or Emily or some other human are hosts are completely ignoring the fact that we have been shown, explicitly, that copying a human consciousness into a host cannot be done.  Ford acknolwedged as such and William failed in his own attempt.  But people can ignore that and theorize anyway because nobody has any faith in this show's integrity.  Does it matter what they've shown us?  Of course not.  Will they introduce human-hosts despite establishing that such a conversion has only ever failed badly?  Of course.  

    - Bottom line: I thought it was a really cheesy and badly written scene when William's wife killed herself after watching some badly-rendered scenes from the show on an ipad (so where's the cameraman in Westworld?  I didn't know this was The Office).  I outright laughed my head off when William shot Emily.  I died when I saw Delores' quivery-lip reaction to Teddy's death.  I really don't think this schlocky show deserves the depth of discussion, sleuthing, speculating, and amateur philosophizing that it gets (my lengthy comment notwithstanding  :) )

    ETA: I forgot to mention that out-of-nowhere "revelation" that MAEVE is like a daughter to Ford.  You know, Maeve, who we've seen Ford show literally no interest in up until this point.  What-the-fuck-ever with this show.
    This show is turning into a a mess of a prog rock/metal concept album. Pretentious, poorly conceived and a bunch  of mindless noodling. We've all been there.

    Someone call in Pete Townsend to kick some ASS!! 
    ken hale