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    Hope you feel better soon and the family too @Michelle!
  • Ted Lasso

    Thought you might appreciate this article about Jason Sudeikis being Lassolike…
    and this one too! 
  • Mare of Easttown SPOILERS

    Such a good show. That moment in the car with Lori and Mare was so visceral and heartbreaking, but honestly, I think Mare saved Lori’s family and I think Lori understands that at least a little by the end. If Mare had kept the truth secret, I think the guilt would have eaten Ryan alive, especially as he watched his dad serve hard time for his crime. This way, John and Billy will probably both be out after a short sentence, and Ryan may also get out after a few years. I do believe that it was an accident that happened after some poor decisions by an emotional kid. So while Lori’s family may never be the same, they may all at least find some peace and it could have been so much worse. For as dark as the show was at times, I really appreciated the healing and hopefulness that seemed to be happening by the end.

    Two small quibbles: first, it seemed like the gun wasn’t gone long enough for Mr. Carroll to have noticed it but okay, and second, Dylan’s threats to Jess seemed a little overblown. He didn’t seem to want to be a dad to DJ when he thought he was, and the DNA test had already proved he wasn’t, so I don’t really understand why it was important to him to destroy her journals and to threaten Jess like he did.

    Overall, I thought this was very well done and had excellent performances across the board.
  • For All Mankind (spoilers through latest episode)

    I just started watching a few weeks ago and didn't even realize that the season 2 finale was just coming out just in time for me to catch it. What a great show! Just a few thoughts, including major spoilers:
    - the transition from lunar landings to tiny moon base to much bigger moon base were SO cool. I like the time jumps and seeing all the changes that happened.
    - it's really interesting in general to see how this space race makes some things in society more progressive (more women astronauts, engineers, executive staff) while also upping the paranoia over the Cold War and anything that could give the Soviets any advantage.
    - I'm super pissed that Karen slept with Danny. I really enjoyed her character development with running a business and loosening up from the buttoned-down 1960s housewife, and I think she's a really good mom to Kelly. I thought the Baldwin family was stronger than ever after their emotional confrontation. It was such a bad decision on her part to cross that line with Danny, and then to tell Ed about right before a critical and risky mission. And at the end of the finale, I wanted her to be able to hug and comfort Danny, especially after Tracy had helped her through Shane's death, but she couldn't be there for him after all that.
    - I loved the Gordo redemption arc and I did not expect he and Tracy to both die. That was a gut punch, but I do appreciate a show with real stakes.
    - the escalating tensions and violence between the US and the Soviets really brought back that Cold War fear that anyone who is old enough to remember that time will definitely recall well. The Cosmonaut outside with the gun in the penultimate episode, followed by the invasion of several more through the broken windows was chilling.
    - I was surprised at the reveal of the KGB using Sergei to get to Margot. She's too smart for that, right? Do they think that just because she gave him the hint about the O rings in order to save lives, that she'll help them?

    Well, now that I've blown through all the episodes, I guess I'll have to wait patiently with everyone else for the next season! Maybe a rewatch in the meantime...
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I’m glad to see so many people are getting vaccinated! I got my 2nd Pfizer shot on the 6th. I was achy and tired for about a day and a half, but nothing serious at all.