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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dee said:
    112,000 dead, 600-1200 new dead every single day, and the US government seems to have just forgotten about it. 

    Yep. Dealing with a crisis like this is difficult, expensive, requires massive coordination between governmental agencies and state governments, and strong, focused leadership that can grasp both the scientific and economic challenges and come up with plans to get through this. But there's golfing to do and TV to watch and the donors want the workers back on the front lines... and I'm going to have to stop there because this isn't Swizzbold...
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Yikes. Florida recorded 2,581 new COVID cases yesterday. Every day lately we seem to breaking the previous day's record. Over the last seven days there have been 10,794 new cases. According to the Miami Herald:
    " cases in the state had consistently been trending up since mid-May and the trends could not be attributed solely to increases in testing, which had been inconsistent and sometimes declining during that period."
    Lots of places reopened in mid-May and last week, bars, gyms, vacation rentals, movie theaters, and some of the theme parks reopened at partial capacities.

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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I've been on pretty solid footing for the last 2 and half months but tonight I feel like it's finally caught up to me and I'm losing my mind. As crazy as it sounds, the light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic is somehow making me feel even more antsy. 
    It's weird how it hits you sometimes. I think the uncertainty is the toughest part, but like Jaimie said, it really was an illusion. I suppose I always knew that anyway, but it's a lot more real and unavoidable right now. I'm doing OK most of the time, but sometimes it'll sneak up on me.

    Yeah @JaimieT, I finally got some retroactive benefits paid to me this week too! It took nine weeks of absolutely nothing coming in, then a sudden chunk of money that really helps. If it hadn't been for the extra PUA $600 payments though, mine would have been less than $1000 for 9 weeks! I've been through a crazy thing because I live in Florida but work remotely for a NC company (part-time regular employee). My company started in Florida originally like 20 years ago, moved to NC permanently, then just a year or two ago, opened a second office in FL although I don't work in that office. When I tried to file for FL unemployment, the only records they had of my company when I put in the tax ID number was their super old original FL address from like 15 years ago. I couldn't get around it manually or anything and wasn't able to complete my application. So I went to the NC unemployment site's FAQ and it said that if you work remotely for a NC company, you can file there, so I did. After 7 weeks of nothing happening, I finally got in touch with someone there who told me that I needed to file in FL instead. Back to square one! FL redesigned their disaster of a website after my initial attempt, so I was able to start a new claim and the section I had trouble with before was different this time, but I've heard nothing back. Then I suddenly started getting NC payments at the beginning of this week. But oddly enough, NC still has me as "ineligible" under regular unemployment benefits, and instead they have me under the ones that pay subcontractors and freelancers, even though I was not that. Aside from the extra $600 PUA payment, that's probably paying me less than it should, so I'm going to again send them copies of my paystubs and W2s (again) to see if I can get that fixed. But even if they don't, I'm just glad to be getting something for now. And NC still is waiving the job search requirements, which is good because I have had health issues that I think make me higher risk for complications if I get COVID-19. Last I heard FL will be requiring work search reports again by the end of the month, so I'm glad I'm under NC's system for now. It has been a slow and confusing ride, but I'm really glad to be getting some help finally!

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dee said:
    It just astounds me that the US is pushing 70,000 deaths in a matter of weeks and the government has not only barely acknowledged it, but encouraging everyone to pretty much go about their business. Imagine if 70,000 American people died in a war within a few weeks. Or wiped out in a terrorist attack. We would never stop hearing about it. But this - eh. 
    Exactly! You would NEVER hear the end of it. But now we're losing approximately the same number of Americans per day (some days more, some days less) as were killed on 9/11. That's because $$$ > lives. They're rushing to reopen because then they can stop paying unemployment. Wharton has an alarming model predicting the number number of deaths vs. GDP and employment for several scenarios:
    Meanwhile, they issued almost 8000 warnings to people not wearing required face masks at a South Beach park and finally had to close it again because nobody would listen. A security guard for a dollar store in Michigan told a woman she had to wear a mask, so she stormed off, then her husband and son returned 20 minutes later and shot and killed the guard for "disrespecting" her. We have demonstrations going on where people are in close contact, with no masks, screaming and threatening violence if lockdowns continue instead of demanding better testing, safety measures, worker protections, financial assistance, or literally anything that would actually help. They seem to think that if we just fling the doors open and declare that we're back in business while tens of thousands of bodies pile up that things will somehow just return to normal again. It's insanity.

  • Art in the Time of Corona

    There's an illustrator whose work I particularly love named Justin Gerard, and he's doing a monthly #letsmakemonsters prompt. The first was for "Rabbat" so this is what I came up with. I also recorded myself drawing the whole thing and sped the video up to make it less than a minute. I don't think I can upload it here, but if anyone wants to see it, here it is on Instagram and Twitter.