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  • Art in the Time of Corona

    Such beautiful photos @Michelle!

    Here's my latest Bird Whisperer piece for the month of April. It's 8" x 10" watercolor and colored pencil on illustration board.

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

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    GiovanniTeresa from ConcordNoelweeniegirlCecily
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I hope you feel better @Michelle!

    The stupidity continues across America, but especially in some of the spots where you'd expect it. This article talks about groups in Idaho resisting the stay-at-home order, because you know, "muh freeeeedumb!" On one hand, I feel like fine, let them infect each other, but the problem is, whether they like it or not they live in a society where they have a responsibility to not endanger other people unnecessarily. By choosing to be assholes about a reasonable request, they're endangering every person they encounter (like essential workers) who didn't get to make a choice to stay away from them. And they will be clogging up the hospitals because of their selfishness. It makes me so angry.

    "At a time when health officials say social-distancing measures are vital to avert catastrophic outbreaks of the kind that could overwhelm hospitals — as happened in Italy — Idaho’s tensions threaten to undermine compliance. While the state was one of the last in the country to identify a coronavirus case, it now has far more cases per capita than California. Blaine County, which includes the popular Sun Valley ski resort, now has the largest per capita concentration of coronavirus cases in the nation."

    On a personal note about the dumpster fire that 2020 is, I think my nephew got a little cabin fever and decided to take a motorcycle ride over the weekend. He crashed and broke his back, severely damaging his spinal cord, and now he has no feeling from his mid-back on down and will probably never walk again. He's 23 and alone in the hospital because nobody can go see him due to the virus, and he's having to deal with the fact that his life has been turned completely upside down. My heart breaks for him, and there's not a thing I can do to help except offer moral support from 1000+ miles away. An accident like that could happen anytime to anyone, but being in the hospital right now is about the last place you want to be. Stay home, stay safe everybody.

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dr. Drew is such an idiot. He was calling this thing overblown and a "press-induced panic" up through late March, assuring people that it's way less deadly than the flu. There's even a caller on the supercut who says something about this being COVID-19, so "there have been at least 18 others" and he says, "Oh yeah." First of all, there are hundreds or thousands of different coronaviruses, but they're not the same as this one, and it's "19" because it was discovered in 2019. I'm sure you all knew that. Is he that uninformed? And if so, why has he been giving his "expert" medical advice about this on every show that would book him for all of February and March and only decided to take it serious at the very end of March?

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Sorry to hear, @JaimieT