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  • His Dark Materials

    I'm not sure about the show itself but I think Cecily and Alexis did a great job with the Podcast. In fact that's probably the main reason I'll keep watching the show. I have always enjoyed Cecily and A.Ron on the AHS Pod and Alexis has completely won me over.

    I remember seeing The Golden Compass movie years ago and just found it weird and baffling. I found the first episode of this series less so but still strange. This is a weird fantasy universe I can't quite get a handle on but maybe I'll get more into it as the story progresses. The books seems to have an awful lot of fans so I'm interested to see what all the fuss is about.
  • American Horror Story: 1984 /// S9 E4 - True Killers (Spoilers)

    If Margaret was the one who killed those teens in the cabin back in the 1970s then why did this season start with a flashback showing Mr. Jingles doing it? It's not as if that was some character's memory or point of view, it was just presented to us as info for the audience, establishing the backstory. Assuming Margaret is telling the truth that makes the show itself an unreliable narrator, meaning nothing we see is necessarily true. I find that rather unsettling, and not in an interesting way. It just feels like the show is jerking us around.

    On another note, this has to be the gayest show on TV (not a criticism - just an observation). Man-aerobics? Was there a single straight male in that class? Boy, Ryan Murphy sure does like his gay boys doesn't he? 
  • 809 - Fire and Reign

    If Miss Venable's scoliosis gives her balancing problems that require the aid of a cane, she might want to consider more practical footwear than 3-inch stilettos. 

    Also, Queenie should have cut off her arm to amputate RoboMeade's gun arm. But I guess hindsight is 20/20.

    I feel like the show wasted an awful lot of time on the teenagers in the first few episodes considering they've played no part in the story whatsoever since then. I don't see how the show can circle back to them in the final episode that makes them relevant in any significant way.
  • 807 - Traitor

    Good gravy! Murphy loves telling a chronologically disjointed story! I wonder what it would be like to watch a cut of AHS told from true beginning to true end
    Yes, and while I'm enjoying this season overall, I'm really tired of non-linear storytelling. It's gotten to the point where everyone is doing it and it's gimmicky. Give me a good story that starts at the beginning, works its way to a middle and then to the end in a regular, old-fashioned way. I think when you have to rely on narrative tricks to keep your audience guessing it's a sign that your story isn't really all that interesting if it's told in a straightforward manner.

    Since episode four we've been in a timeline three years prior to the bomb. And Cordelia's resurrection of Myrtle apparently took place two years prior to that. 
  • 806 - "Return to Murder House"

    Why is it that every time a TV witch needs blood for one of their rituals or spells, they always slice open the palm of their hand with a knife?? It seems like the least practical place to cut oneself if one needs their own blood for a spell. It's going to take a long time to heal, and in the meantime you would have very little use of your hand. In fact almost any other place on the body would cause less discomfort and inconvenience afterwards.

    I can't tell you what a kick I got out of Dylan McDermott saying he had to go look out the window and cry while he masturbated. I'm willing to bet the actor never lived down that infamous scene from Season 1 so it's nice to see he's at least got a sense of humor about it.