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  • U.S. Politics Part 5: Same old Thread...Just New.

    President Trump granted a rare and historic posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson 72 years after death Thursday, clearing the first African-American heavyweight boxing champion of racially motivated charges resulting from his relationships with white women in 1912.

    Advocates for Johnson — including boxers, historians, academics and senators — had been pushing for a pardon for 14 years through the George W. Bush and Barack Obama presidencies.


    I hope he keeps it up!

    "I am taking this very righteous step, I believe, to correct a wrong that happened in hour history," Trump said. "It’s about time.”


    Srsly USA Today?
  • 307 - Delta-V

    About Naomi's accent...

    I have a friend who speaks perfect American English, but when I stayed with her in Singapore for 3 weeks, where she was from, she slipped right into Singlish around her friends. Singlish, or Singaporean English, is categorized as a Creole language, and one I could understand with practice. Heck I even started leaning into it myself by week 3. I think it's a case of When in Rome.
  • 307 - Delta-V

    Re: the initial reaction in the podcast...

    I LOVE time jumps, so I was all about this episode. Time jumps fast-track character development and give the show much more content in that department than it would otherwise have. Mad Men always did it to great effect. 

    If we'd stayed with the Rocinante through all the crew changes, I'm sure the writers could have written plenty of interesting events, but we wouldn't have had one entire episode devoted to learning more about these people. With the time jump, these still moments felt charged. The documentary angle added conflict too, but we were as hungry as the filmmakers were. 

    More thoughts tomorrow.
    ken hale
  • Con of Thrones

    I met up with a fandom last year at MomoCon (Critical Role). Ya'll are gonna have so much fun. Jelly.
  • Amazon Close To Renewing The Expanse for 4th Season.

    I'm glad it's Amazon. I've never had cable, so I always bought the seasons on Amazon to support the show, even when money was tight. And then one time I had a support ticket open with them for 7 days because of a missing scene in one episode, and they called me every day that week about it... Never fixed it, though. But for me, Amazon has already been the show's keeper.