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    When I was consciously uncoupling from these streamers this weekend I noticed Tim's twitter profile says, "Jesus lovin' gamer" first thing. That clicked for me. I've grown up around people who put similar sentiments in their social media profiles and I'm still friends with many of them. As I've discovered in my coming-out journey, some of them are gay-friendly, some not. IE, some of them are more enlightened than others. But all of them are in a community where leadership says that being gay is an abomination to God. That includes Ninja, who is Catholic, whose brother is a Catholic minister (or something) and has "I love Jesus and his holy Catholic Church" pinned to the top of his Twitter.

    I don't know anything about Lupo's beliefs, nor do I care enough to research them, but I would not be surprised if he's Catholic or Protestant or whatever. 

    So of course we're seeing some Mike Pence bullshit from these guys.

    BTW, Tim said that he won't let his wife have Instagram or Twitter because of things people might say to her.

    And I thought all the chemistry between Lupo and Ninja was adorable and that they were getting homophobic jokes because of course they were, and they were retweeting them because they saw nothing wrong with romance between men and understood that in actuality they were just friends.

    But I no longer think that.

    So consider my gay-ness being put off by their attitude as much as my female-ness. And none of those things define me as a person, so I don't really care if anyone continues to enjoy them and their entertainment — especially because it's healthy to care less about things you can't control — but that's a big fucking EH for me. 

    Maybe I can get on the Nickmercs train, I dunno.


    Thanks for the nice words, everyone. That was surreal, I had about 20 minutes of fight-or-flight when the tweets first started rolling in where it dawned on me I'd wandered into the Kotaku In Action neighborhood and was going to get doxxed. That adrenaline spike kept me wide awake until 4am, and I was already getting shit sleep before that. I got 8 hours last night, I feel better.
  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

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    Omarosa has tapes... This should be fun.
    In her upcoming book she is said to have personal knowledge that Trump used the 'N' word during the making of The Apprentice, and, there are tapes to confirm it . . . 

    The Guardian link
    Not gonna believe anything this woman says until the tapes come out. She is known as a nut job (nice hire there Trump). Once the tapes come out and if what she is saying isn't bullshit....

    Huh? You're saying it would affect you if Trump did use the N word? That would really surprise you?
    Wouldn't affect me truthfully. I am sure he has used the N word, but I grew up and live in the South so while I have known the negative stigma/connations/degradation that comes with the N word all my life, I'm not gonna get all worked up about it unless he was using it directly at someone to make them feel like 1 inch tall. Bill Maher has used the N word and it really hasn't screwed him, still has a show and still loved by millions.

    Oh okay, so you're waiting to see if he used the N word to insult someone, but like, really pointedly and spitefully insult them, so the reaction of this person, if they exist, would also be a factor. Then this would be a problem for you.

    Well yeah okay, let's wait and see.
  • Any space nerds around?

    I'm a UX designer and I got on the boards to take a break from having just done a few sketches for an app feature, but here we go! UX designer opinions ahead. We think we know everything. User testing is invaluable and you should do it... I'm an "expert" so my opinion isn't as pure as 3-5 millennials in Panera Bread.


    GREAT app. Much better than I thought it would be. So everything I have to say is minor, except for my last comment.

    - Notifications are on by default for upcoming launches, but I'd like to know when I'm getting those notifications. Giving me more options there is a "nice to have," but at the very least telling me what's going to happen.

    - Nice "notification test" feature. Really nice.

    - Okay, scrolling to the bottom of the settings I see you do have notification intervals. Sweet! I'd put a clarifying sentence at the "enable notifications" level or move all of that before the scroll. 

    - "Long press for additional options" - not great interaction design (essentially it's no interaction design, since you're just telling us), but my biggest concern is I can't tell what I should be long pressing. The button that got me there? ("Watch Live") Or the modal? Or the YouTube link? Maybe this is an Android thing... I feel like something's missing. All I see is a YouTube link, by the way, so maybe more stuff happens if there are other sources. Also... what additional options? What am I missing out on here? Should I really be trying this hard? Haha.

    - I think your app MIGHT be breaking my settings/notifications pull-down menu (from the top of my phone), because I've never had this happen before. Ah, I got it working again... had to close out of the app and turn my screen off/on. The app prompted me to send a crash report so I did. :)

    - I had typed up that you might want to consider a "favorite/follow" launches feature, when I realized the app has one. So then I tried to analyze why it took me so long to find it. I think it's because you have a menu problem. The top area has THREE menus, which are indistinguishable to me upon first inspection. The most menu-like of the menus is the hamburger menu on the left: that seems to be the most extensive and it's where I looked for the favorite/follow feature. Settings -> Notifications -> couldn't find it there, assumed it didn't exist. (You might have told us it did in the introduction, my bad, I probably would have read it if I had downloaded this app on my own.) 

    The first menu I clicked on, FWIW, was the vertical ellipsis menu, and I was confused by the lack of options. I see now how it's like a "quick settings" thing, and I immediately moved to the hamburger menu so it's all good. The problem is I forgot the middle menu existed at that point... I think my brain was just like "menus everywhere, with duplicate options" and blanked it out.

    So yes, what really threw me off is I have no idea what the triangle hamburger menu is. What that icon means. (People already struggle defining the hamburger and vertical ellipsis, FWIW.) And what's behind that click is like.... the best thing about your app. I can see why you duplicated it as a floating button. And I guess I ignored that floating button because, again, I don't know what that icon means.

    .... I would consider using a bell. 

    Not this bell. This is just a fucking cool bell icon, right? But one that matches your UI. Or, research other notifications icons, but this is the standard one.

  • Academy Adds 'Popular Film' Category to Oscars

    asmallcat said:
    JaimieT said:
    I think this is smart. This will get many people interested. And, even though I think the Oscars are a joke, they draw attention to a lot of good movies and I wouldn't mind more awareness of good film.

    My interpretation of this is like... "Best Popcorn Flick." Or "The Thing That Everyone Saw That Was Pretty Good."

    Most people still won't want to watch 4 hours of hollywood self-fellatio, even if skyscraper (or whatever that title of the new Rock movie was) gets mentioned in one 5-minute segment. 

    Most people don't really care what movie the oscars committee thinks is best, and they REALLY don't care what special effects the committee thinks is best. Chasing ratings for the Oscars is pointless. They just need to realize they are a niche product and stick to being that. 

    It's 3 hours now, and also it's been moved up to early February. This category wasn't the only change.

    I agree that most people will never watch the show, but they're bleeding people and maybe they can get them back. Me, for instance. I didn't watch this year's.
  • What's your favorite classic TV show (50s to 70s)?

    Michelle said:
    Is there any love for the Andy Griffith Show out there?  This scene gets me every time.  I'm a softie, I can't help it.

    Oh yeah, I grew up watching this almost constantly. Honestly if it weren't so associated in my mind with the culty church I attended (they LOVED this show) I'd probably love it still today.