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  • Laptop recommendation?

    What do you mean by "a good laptop"?  What do you plan on using it for, and what's your approximate budget?

    If you're looking for something to watch Netflix on, read your emails, check Facebook etc.  common things for most people, than the advice that you've gotten so far is great.

    For those uses, I'd recommend a Chromebook!
  • Firearm Recommendation

    gguenot said:
    Sorry everyone  :s

    We needed to castigate someone today, and it might as well have been you. Your apology is very therapeutic to us in this time of tragedy.
  • 409 - Search / 410 - Ten of Swords

    I also found it very odd the guys didn't cast this show. It seemed right up their alleys, especially being in tech before BM. 

    I binged all 4 seasons the last couple of weeks. I was thoroughly impressed. Being a software engineer and someone who grew up in the late 80's early 90's, a lot of hit home for me. I loved Gordon's and Joe's relationship, it was rocky, but they were really the only true friends each other had. 

    I'm sure a lot of people would probably disagree with me, but I thought this show was way better than something like Stranger Things. It was definitely towards the top of the list for stuff I watched in the last year.

    10x better than Stranger Things. I don't understand the appeal of Stranger Things beyond nostalgia glasses. But Stranger Things is so popular, it'd be bad business not to cover it. 

    "I also found it very odd the guys didn't cast this show. It seemed right up their alleys, especially being in tech before BM."

    Let me see if I remember the order of things and the state of AMC... IIRC, Breaking Bad was a hit, Mad Men was a hit. Then came The Walking Dead, which took a nose dive at the end of season 1 and never recovered. Then we got this Hell on Wheels show, which was pretty mediocre. So then we — we AMC fans — were like, WTF AMC, no more good shows now? Then Halt and Catch Fire was being advertised everywhere, and it felt like they were just going for the Mad Men thing again — which had won them 4 'Best Show on TV' Emmy's, btw. I watched the pilot, back then. Man... the pilot was just awful. Like the part when Cameron attacks Joe, making out with him, then suddenly gets super choosy about how he speaks to her, and leaves him. Such a heavy-handed way of showing that she's sensitive about sexism, and really, no woman can afford to be that sensitive about sexism... And the show was much more accurate about that in later seasons. Then Joe is doing a poor man's Donald Draper talking about tech. Of course I know now what they were doing with Joe, and that he isn't a Donald Draper at all, but that's how it read at first, like bad writing. The main two characters seemed lame. So I stopped watching it, and only came back 2-3 years later when a friend I respect swore to me the 3rd season premiere was incredible, and so was the 2nd season as a whole, and pointed me to Alan Sepinwall saying the same. Or maybe I jumped back in before season 3 started? I can't remember.

    It just got off to a bad start, and by the time we all realized it was good, Aron didn't have the time for it. Jim did, but last year was really busy, so it's a shame we didn't get a season 4 cast.

    A fantastic, fantastic show that, tragically, didn't get its due.

    When thinking of shows it's "better than," I think Better Call Saul is a good example. BCS wishes it were doing what Halt and Catch Fire did with character development and foreshadowing and theme.

  • Is The Leftovers worth it?

    I think a show that fails so badly at the start cannot possibly be considered the best show on television by anyone. Such a belief is sheer madness and truly a sign of deep mental illness. 

    u mad bro?
  • Benioff & Weiss to write/produce new Star Wars films

    ^^ Not like seconding Aron's opinion adds much weight, but Whiting Wongs is entertaining and enlightening. Dan pushes back on these "accepted" ideas of what diversity should be, which I like. I want to hear the reasoning from the ground up. So it's not just didactic.