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  • Sound Issues With Show (not the podcast, the TV Show). Does it Get Better?

    Travis said:
    Hi Everybody.
    My wife and I have started watching the Expanse from the beginning and it's super intriguing but I have one big hang-up (and the show has already lost my wife largely, I think, due to the issue). I can't understand what the characters are saying half of the time. This isn't about them speaking in the other language and those sorts of things (though that doesn't help), but it's the way the sound is done. It's like it's poorly compressed or something. Did anyone else have this problem? Is it one of those "early stages of the show" things and it gets better with time? It's a bummer, because I'm interested in what is going on, but I don't really like watching TV with subtitles and I fear this may be a show that sort of requires it.

    Anyhoo, just curious if anyone else had this issue and if it gets better. Thanks!

    Turn on the subtitles for season 1. You'll pick out slang too. For me, it was often the problem of slang + mumbling. 

    You won't need it after season 1 or toward the end.

    I read plot recaps too... that helped for the episodes I didn't have subtitles.

    Stick with it. It's just season 1.
  • 204 - The Riddle of the Sphinx

    ghm3 said:
    @JaimieT Haha I was seriously about to bring up the whiskey burning in my other post about the wastefulness of stuff but I stopped myself because I'm sure everyone is tired of my persnicketyness. I love your wasteful villain trope though cause that seems so spot on here because it literally makes no sense whatsoever other than a cool looking payoff at the end with Bernard and Elsie. 

    That said I also noticed the continuity issues with the whiskey glasses, and you can also see it in the scenes with the shot glasses in that town w/ Lawrence's family, but this to me is such a common continuity thing in shows even I wouldn't have mentioned it. 

    If it results in a Zoolander reference, everybody wins.
  • 304 - Reload

    I believe that's short for Gunnery Sergeant.

    I also kinda got the implication that she's saying he should work out so next time he doesn't get his ass kicked by a bunch of teenagers. Might be reading a bit too much between the lines there though.

    I think you nailed it. I intuited that she was expressing camaraderie, as opposed to last week's episode, but doing it via a call to workout didn't make sense. Now it does.

    She's teasing him about starting the whole hostage crisis.
  • 304 - Reload

    JaimieT said:
    MrX said:
    Me during that last scene:

    Uh oh he has blood on his hands, that's not good ...

    *camera pans down*

    I thought his hands were disintigrating. They'd mentioned injecting him with biomass... I thought he was also relocating biomass... It was somehow MORE body horror in my imagination, the idea of rearranging oneself.
    ha...me too. I thought he was shedding and turning into the proto-thing from S2. NOPE!

    Also when he said "distance and bandwith insignificant" I thought he was talking about the people in front of him, not Venus. Because like... both their distance from him and intelligence were non-threatening.

    Goddammit, totally misunderstood the whole scene FAIL. 
    ken hale