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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    I genuinely don't understand the Bernie hate. Seems a lot comes from "I don't like Bernie bros" rather than "I don't like Bernie's policies". Anyone care to explain?

    FWIW I think he'd have beaten Trump, but I also thought Hillary would have walked it so wtf do I know
    It's hard to know when someone writes something like this what they are referring to- But I will take a stab at it-

    I don't like Bernie Bros, but I don't think they are the whole of the Bernie supporter community. I know plenty of women and plenty of non-bro-y guys who liked Bernie in 2016 and still support him. I do think they dominated the discussion in certain scenarios, as bros are wont to do; I had some unpleasant experiences at the caucus with them. And I do think they injected an undercurrent of sexism into the discussion of Hillary that I doubt their candidate approved of. But I don't think they dominated the whole election by any means and there were plenty of other voices out there supporting Bernie Sanders.

    In 2016 I didn't support Bernie in the primaries, but I am glad he ran on the platform he did, I am glad he is out there talking his talk, and I am glad others are out there with it too. I would rather see another candidate in the general election because I think he's compromised. You can dig up a lot of stuff about him in the 80s where he was a bit too cozy with communist dictators and while Hillary's campaign didn't do all that much with that, you know Trump's wouldn't hesitate. He's also quite old, which is not nothing. And he's never really been a member of the Democratic party, and just uses the party machine to run for President when it suits him. I'm not a Democratic party loyalist by any means, but I also thought it was unfair in 2016 when people acted like the Democratic party was rigged against him... when he did actually quite well for someone who wasn't a party member at all. This is the system we have and it's certainly not Hillary Clinton's fault.

    When people say "he could have beat Trump" I just don't get the math on that. I guess the idea is that the primary system was somehow rigged against him or Hillary would not have beat him, but she beat him in fair elections- even without the superdelegates, she beat him. So I don't really get that argument and I think it's kind of irrational, honestly. And I know we like to say in hindsight that HRC was a compromised candidate, and in some ways she was, but she did actually win the popular vote and her defeat was not as crushing and embarrassing as DJT would love you to believe.

  • So how is GOT gonna end?

    Everyone lives happily ever after?
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    I think the point I was trying to make last night was that obviously assault weapons should be illegal but we need to focus on the types of weapons that are used in more garden variety crimes as well. But I am not 100% sure, Happy St Paddy's Day, :D
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Mass shooting of Muslims in New Zealand, at least 49 dead, carried out by Trump supporters.  I support Bernie Sanders (first person to dismissively call me a 'bro' gets an internet punch in the head!) but whoever you end up with, please for the love of God get rid of Trump.  He's a menace to the entire world.
    Bernie Bros are a subset of Bernie supporters. Not all Bernie supporters are Bernie Bros. So you are safe unless you start standing on tables and shouting down female supporters of your opponent; if that happens, you are going to have to let me know so I can move you into the other column.
  • College Admissions Scandal.. Thoughts?

    I’m interested to see what people think about the Specialized Public High School system in NYC, where admittance to these schools is purely based on a city wide test after 8th grade. Score high enough and you’re in. 

    As you might imagine test prep has become a big deal, and the schools are overwhelmingly Asian and white, but over half the students are poor enough to qualify for subsidized school lunches.

    There have been noises the last few years to try to change the admission criteria to increase diversity. In particular the Asian communities have not generally been happy with these ideas. I imagine one reason is that high stakes tests to get into schools or the civil service have been present in many Asian societies since ancient times, so it is a culturally congruous concept for them. 
    Anytime you evaluate students based on merit, you should be evaluating their schools based on access. And I am not talking about "I'm a rich person bribing someone to take my kids' SATs for them" access. I'm talking about, if you're giving middle school kids tests for high school placement, did those kids have the same educational access citywide in elementary school? I don't know a lot about the NYC school system but I know that across the board in most large school systems, poor kids tend to have less access than rich kids. Black and brown kids tend to have less access than white and Asian kids. How about fixing all that for the littler kids, then sure, give them all the same test for high school placement.