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  • HBO: The Case Against Adnan Syed

    I don't remember much Jenn/Jay stuff other than some weird dating triangle and a he said/she said confession.  We'll see how the details unfold in the upcoming weeks.

    The issue for me isn't that a person can hold on to a narrative for 20 years.  I just have a hard time believing a senior in high school in the midst of your typical boozy/bong brain adolescence would have the wherewithal to craft said narrative.  I mentioned behavior, not because it's the end all tell, but because we're talking about an 18 year old (at the time.)  If it is Adnan, I have to believe he was so in control of his faculties to strangle his ex and leave a clean crime scene, perfectly blend in emotionally in public, and never break the persona in the face of prosecutors, investigators, and a million Internet detectives.  I have to believe he's Bundy, basically.  I'm not there yet.  Still think it's an older, third party.
  • BlacKkKlansman - This is why I'm happy to be in Club Baldmove

    @A_Ron_Hubbard @Jim Riveting stuff, guys.

    The MIA thread was deleted, but something I wanted to express was the connection to the Bald Move community.  People would say "oh, just ignore him or stay away from..." -- Fuck that.  After 5+ years of heavy emotional and financial investment, I couldn't ignore the cancer growing in the BM community.  I'm not a pivotal member by any means, but I care a hell of a lot.  It was extremely disheartening when certain things/members were allowed to stand, but this is what I've been waiting for.  Thank you stepping up and coming back hard. 

    However, I would like to see at least one red avatar (banned) already.  After such a public declaration, the ball is firmly in their court.  Some will turn to whataboutism and others will pose as martyrs -- persecuted for their beliefs on Bald Move.  The dangerous ones will only become more selective and coded.  We know who.  Basically, don't give these dudes the chance to adjust and become better racists and smarter pieces of shit.

    Edit - And just as a type this, the whatabouts are starting to fly.
  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    Most of the comedians who have been outed have used their fucked up actions as "material" in some way.  Louis jerking off in front of people was hilarious until... fuck, I guess he really did that.  Same with Cosby, T.J. Miller, and so on.  It's neither admission or proof, but I wouldn't discount it simply because he used it as a joke.

    If you're trying to #notallmen or bemoan due process for the rich white guy, I'm just going to assume you have the same degrading views of women or your actions are very similar to the accused.  Sorry, not sorry.  I'm tired of seeing this shit.
  • gun control

    asmallcat said:

    Teacher with a gun fired shots and barricaded himself inside a classroom. Thankfully no kids hurt. 
    That was fast.  Shout out to my home state for becoming exhibit A of "armed teachers gone wrong" since Parkland.  We may choke in championship games, but damn if we don't fully participate in the wrong side of the conversation!
  • gun control

    I think if we're seriously discussing arming teachers, we've already lost.
    Yes, this is beyond ridiculous.  I'm not as heated as when I first typed this earlier in the day, but the last time I felt this politically charged was when I confronted an open-carry piece of shit for bringing a handgun to a baby shower.  Arming teachers isn't on the same personal level, but it's still such an affront to everything I know.

    I'd like to once again commend the right on their Reich-worthy use of situational vernacular.  Nothing gets an American crowd more jacked than words like "defend" and "protect", which in this case are being used in the context of arming teachers.  A teacher using their God-given 2nd amendment right to defend against gunmen and protect students? Fuck, I mean who doesn't have an American boner right now?

    One word that's not being used enough is "kill".  It's a little cacophonous, it's hard to paint stars and stripes on it, and it has a negative connotation... yet it's exactly what we're talking about.  Let's arm teachers so that they can kill.  Let's train teachers and adjust pay so they can kill.  Let's make schools safer by allowing the adults the ability to kill.  Let's prevent bloodshed by giving teachers the ability to kill.  Now that we're using more apt vocabulary, how does this seem like a good idea at all? Come on, dudes.