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  • Insidious Ch. 1 and 2

    I'm also surprised how many people are down on the tech.  In a world that acknowledges spirits, I can see how a gas mask that's been through war atrocities could have tangential access to a different plane.

    In college I wrote a script about a boy who saw the Baba Yaga through an 8mm camera.  A lot of 8mm cameras come with glass color or ND filters.  In the script, the boy breaks one, cuts his finger, and accidentally covers the filter in blood.  Doubling as a blood sacrifice and creating a "red" filter, he attaches it and can see the Baba Yaga through his camera.  Chaos ensues.  But good thing that never got made because Bald Move would be calling BOWLSHIT.  Blood doesn't reveal things in a camera, it just muddies the lens! If it works in universe, it works for me, man.
  • 102 - "Chestnut"

    I liked it and I'm eager to see where it goes, but I thought the editing was garbage.  If you can't find a way to transition between real world and Westworld other than cutting to black, I'm not sticking around to watch.  They did it like 8 times? That's college filmmaking shit, which I know because I used to do the same thing when I didn't have transitions.
  • 210 - eps2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx

    Written by Kor Adana & Randolph Leon lol.  @hypergenesb

    That was another great one, probably in the top 4 this season.  Once that pounding synth started around the 30 minute mark, it was on.  I have no idea the significance of that address, but I guess we know it's not Elliot calling and it's implied that it's not Tyrell either.  The address seemed to spook the government issue guy.  E-Corp? Finally, when Dom walked into the diner and the shooter got off in the foreground, I nearly dropped my glass.  Really amazing stuff.  Just great execution anchored by familiar rules and world building.

    And from now on I don't want to hear anyone say that people get stuck in the minutia/details.  This fucking show panned around an apartment for a minute and literally asked us to search for clues. 
  • "The Night Of" HBO

    Maybe it will end up with us finding the killer and solving the case, but Naz gets corrupted by the system and prison after all.
    It's based on a BBC series and (spoilers) that's exactly what happens.  I think I'm done though.  The investigation and prison life aren't exactly enthralling and 15 minutes of static shots isn't artistic, it's a fucking slog.  Over four hours into it, I don't think the journey or the ending are worth another four hours.
  • So About That Preacher Finale...

    I was not heavily into this show, but the last two episodes were fantastic. Not sure how I feel about the show leaving the town and going mobile. Apparently that's what the comic is all about, so... I'm wondering, if I finally came to enjoy S1, which is basically a long back story, where does that leave me for S2? wtf is this show going to be about?
    It depends on what you like about Preacher.  If you like the small southern town aspect and people like Emily, those days are long gone.  I don't know what they'll get away with in season 2, but I'll put it this way... Cassidy, an Irish vampire, is going to seem completely normal after some of these comic characters are introduced.  If the gore and weirdness are what sold you on the show, hold on to your butts.