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  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix

    The whole series is AMAZING!  I started putting it on for my kids while I needed to get work done around the house and make dinner and found myself slowly creeping in to the room more and more as the series went on.  It starts getting really good in Season 3 and I started making it a show that I had sit down and watch.  

    It has sooooo many interesting 3-4 episode arcs that really flesh out the Star Wars world.  Things that really got fleshed out well;

    - the Clones and the emotional struggle some have to turning on the Jedi (I started caring about some of the Clones)
    - how and why the Clones turn
    - the Mandalorians involvement in the Star Wars world and Obi Wans connection
    - a special someone comes back and is utilized better than George Lucas used him
    - turns out Dooku isn't as much of a giant, old, wrinkly, turd as I originally thought he was
    - "Girl power" (I have 2 boys and their favorite character from the series is a female)
    - droids and their uses
    - R2s connection to Anakin
    - what makes Anakin special (no, it's not Podracing)
    - bounty hunters

    Considering it is the ONLY stuff besides the movies that Disney decided to make cannon (that was made prior to their purchase) says a TON.

    Lastly, I would go as far as to say if you told me I had a choice of either the Prequel Trilogy or Clone Wars Series being made and the other being wiped out of history I would choose Clone Wars Series 100% of the time.
  • Halt & Catch Fire

    Heard good things about season 2. Is this a show where I can skip season 1, or is it necessary to get the plot?
    id say just hop in at season 2.  maybe even a few episodes in to season 2.