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  • Premium Feed Best Practices

  • Premium Feed Best Practices

    As I've been pruning my podcast bonsai tree, I've been reminded that the premium Bald Move feeds use username and password credentials which are stored as plaintext in the subscription url. Although I personally use separate passwords for all sites, this is still a vulnerability as the credentials are sent via http. Since personal security hygiene is still not a common practice among the masses, there are surely dozens or hundreds of multi-use username and password combinations sitting on servers for the various pod catchers. Anytime a subscriber's device refreshes its feeds, these credentials are passed unencrypted via http according to the subscription tool.

    I'd like to float the idea of using token based authentication for the feeds. In addition to mitigating the URL vulnerability, tokenized urls might also simplify some of the issues with Pocket Casts, which I use. The new feeds should also utilize https as an added layer of protection. I see https is already supported for apps that prompt for username and password.

    As an example, Slate Plus offers token based urls for their feeds:

    The internet is not a friendly place. If you guys can find the time to secure the feeds, it would likely prevent fallout from a security breach down the road. This will only become a growing concern as the Bald Move empire expands. Thanks for your consideration.
  • Show Me A Hero HBO Aug 16

    Having watched parts 1 & 2 after recently listening to "The Problem We All Live With" from This American Life, I was into this miniseries from the start. I appreciate the way David Simon illustrates our struggle with race, and this show will not be a disappointment.
  • Mr. Robot is Quite Good

    End of episode 8
    GIF stolen from dude who posted on Omega Station. thanks! ;)
    you're welc.

    what's surprising to me about this show is how little I want to speculate about what is going to happen next. i'm not even trying to understand what has already happened because all of the previous events can be completely re-contextualized in the next episode. where fight club or the sixth sense give you very few clues about what's really happening, mr robot has pretty clearly implied that elliot is an unreliable narrator.

    the one moment i find most interesting in this episode is, "Oh my God, Elliot. Did you forget again?" esmail is laying the ground work to show more of elliot's history in the final two episodes.the second most interesting scene was the meeting between tyrell and mr. robot. if you test the three possible theories according to Dave Schilling, the likeliest at this point seems to be mr robot as a construct of elliot's subconscious. would i bet money on it? nope. all bets are off with this show.
  • 208 - "Omega Station"

    I won't be watching season 3 unless the reviews are really good. It seems like this is what Nick P was aiming for:
    but this is what we got: