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  • 202 - "Night Finds You"

    While the credits were rolling I was wondering why bother wearing a mask if you are just going to kill somebody?
    My first two thoughts: a) blood splatter & b) what if your target escapes?

    From Hannibal:

    I think the question raised by this last scene is "is this crow/raven someone we have already met?" It appears to be a man, and there are a few guys introduced so far who could match the tall stature of the masked man. Looking at Casper's first home, the message could be interpreted as "fuck all this," or maybe "you fucked with the wrong people." Maybe it's just a big power play.

    My theory is that the crow is Blake Churchman, the ginger. He a) could be the father of Ray's kid, b) could begrudge Frank's power, and/or c) would have intimate knowledge of Vinci politics thanks to his proximity to Frank. Blake's interactions with Frank are interesting. He shows Frank the corruption article, tells him that Casper hasn't been to work in two days, and he seems pretty leery of Ray. Is Casper's murder a power play by Blake or is he involved with Osip? If the dead Casper scenes are out of order from the rest of episode 1, it might give Blake time away from Frank to commit the torture and murder. 

    I could be way off about Blake, but Osip definitely thought the possibility of Casper showing up was a joke. It would be interesting to find out that Blake is Osip's guy who is implanted as a kind of "due diligence." 

    The speculation is the fun part of this show, and I look forward to more theories about who is the crow.

    tl;dr: never trust a ginger.
  • Mr. Robot is Quite Good

    ...I'm still unsure what to think of a company being named Evil Corp. It seems like an amalgamation of Enron, Koch, Apple, and surely some other companies, but Evil Corp? really?.
    Don't forget Dell
    Even as a former Texan, I'm not surprised that I forgot Dell. ;)

    Enron was the first company I thought of through the exposition and when I saw the logo. Comparing the logos, it seems that the tilted E is pulled from or inspired by Dell. It could be that this is just the sort of lazy logo that a large corporation would keep from the 80s-90s era.

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder. The Dell wiki is pretty interesting. 

    Dell had a reputation as a company that relied upon supply chain efficiencies to sell established technologies at low prices, instead of being an innovator.

    Dell's reputation for poor customer service, since 2002, which was exacerbated as it moved call centres offshore and as its growth outstripped its technical support infrastructure, came under increasing scrutiny on the Web.

  • Call Now - 99 Percent Invisible

    hey peeps. long time listener, new club member.

    Better Call Saul fans will surely enjoy this episode of the 99 Percent Invisible podcast, which is about the advent of TV lawyer advertisements.


    "Victims! Victims! Victims!"

    The episodes even speaks about regulations and history regarding lawyer ads. Bates vs State Bar of Arizona is also discussed.