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  • What are you binging right now?

    MrX said:
    Anyone else finish Hacks? I thought it ended very strong, and it got pretty deep in addition to remaining funny.
    Yes, and I loved it! Definitely ready for Season 2. I like that the show's going on the proverbial road, and I hope we get to see Marcus and Ava have it out, because they're definitely due. 
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Hatorian said:
    I think it’s because they just focused on small intimate interactions going on at the end of the world instead of big spectacle action pieces. I was on the edge of my seat for all of it. 
    Totally. I also think it helps that they were mostly covering the reaction of humanity before the disaster struck instead of making the movie concurrent with the disaster. I'm not sure if the helpfulness and competence of everybody was totally realistic, but the aspirational part of my brain that loves TNG appreciated it. 
  • Mare of Easttown SPOILERS

    MrX said:

    Right on with the Happy Valley / Broadchurch comparison: I wonder if ARon had previously watched those type of shows his perspective and expectations would have been different. He always seems to be holding this show up to True Detective and to me they really don't have much in common. From early on in the first episode I was like "oh, this is a very personal British crime drama that's set in Pennsylvania, I can dig that."
    Yeah, it sounded like he didn't find Mare to be an extremely likable character, which is understandable. In a lot of ways she was shut off from being likable in the beginning, though I found her sympathetic because I saw that she was trying to help and getting more shit than she deserved. 

    I definitely get the appeal of the shows that are closer to thrillers. They provide great atmosphere and usually center on interesting philosophical ideas, both of which I think genre fans enjoy. I certainly had a lot more fun with True Detective and Sharp Objects and found them to be more thrilling.

    I just found Mare to be a much more meaningful experience. In terms of what I actually take away from a show and remember a few years from now, I'll take the somber sequence of Ryan running to his mom or the kitchen scene or the ascent to the attic any day over True Detective's conclusion of "it was just a bunch of evil crazy people being evil and crazy." 
  • Army of the Dead (Netflix 2021, Zack Snyder) SPOILERS

    lengmo said:
    bror.00 said:
    At least this movie had an internal logic that they stuck to and were logically consistent with.

    Pitch Meeting
    Hahaha, this is so good. I was super into this movie and I am realizing that I just didn't notice 90% of these problems. Clearly all my dumb brain wants out of zombie movies is a big budget because the more I think about, the less any of it makes sense. 
  • Mare of Easttown SPOILERS

    Real bummer how dismissive A. Ron has been of the whole thing but there were ultimately a handful of other great podcasts to make up for it. 

    This is one of the better season/series finales I’ve seen in a long time. 
    Yeah, I was kind of bummed that Bald Move didn't seem to like it very much. I guess it just isn't everybody's thing. I get that it doesn't push the same buttons as S1 of True Detective, but I thought that was a strength of the show. I'm a little tired of some tropes in this genre like Bad Guys being Good Cops and creepy murder cults. 

    This definitely goes with Broadchurch and Happy Valley on the list of shows in this genre that I love for being a little more grounded. 
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