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  • 610 - "The Winds of Winter" NO SPOILERS!

    Aren't there probably some other strong houses who had loved ones in the sept who may get revenge on the Lannisters even before Dany gets there? Also [edited for spoiler] Cersei and the Lannister rule could be destroyed even before Dany gets there.
  • OITNB - Season 4 Episodes 7-9

    Yeah, I wanted her to get comeuppance but the degree (no pun intended) of retribution challenged my feelings, which is especially effective since I've never liked Piper. On the one hand she is very much responsible for fanning the flames of Aryan hatred and gelling that hate group together. On the other hand, cruel and unusual punishment. The show did a good job with making me feel conflict in my thoughts about that punishment. I think it played into a strong theme this season of what is the purpose of prison in America? Is it rehabilitation or just punishment, and why do we feel the way we do about what is acceptable for prisoners to experience just because they have broken a law?
  • 601 NO SPOILERS!!! - "The Red Woman"

    I liked the episode because it showcased many women's stories and the different ways in which they have, had or struggle with power. I was encouraged by that since the season is going off book, I took it as a sign that the showrunners won't use sexual violence towards women as a plot device to the same endless degree it seems to happen in the books. That would be nice.
  • GRRM Says Winds of Winter Not Going to Be Released Before S6 Premiers

    @Dee, the best thing about this news is how much less frequently people will get to say "in the books..." for the time being. Book snobs who revel in spoiling the show will be rending their garments this season and I'll be smirking through every moment of it.
  • 210 - "Palindrome"

    On another of my Fargo casts, they mentioned last week that the Coen brothers said they have a lot of unfinished scripts because they don't know how to end movies. You can see that evidence in some of the ones they have finished. So is the ending to this season Coen-esque because it wrapped up oddly?

    Clearly you can say that and people will. But I hope for next season they think about the balance between being Coen-esque and adequately serving your own story. It takes place in the Coen universe, but does that universe extend into the writer's room? How far does it extend into the audience? They should think about those questions.

    I liked some things and didn't like others. It hit some flat notes. If you had bad feelings last week, this didn't salve your wounds.