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  • Movies That Don’t Hold Up

    DaveyMac said:
    Ace Ventura - Thought it was hilarious as a ten-year old. Haven’t seen it in many years, but I’m sure it has aged very poorly. Even if I’m still fond of some quotes and scenes in my memory.

    I agree on American Beauty mentioned above, but it turned for me well before all the stuff with Kevin Spacey. It was my favorite movie coming out of high school and into college, but somewhere in my mid-twenties it really started to feel cringey.

    (Talking from my ass) “how dare you say Ace Ventura doesn’t hold up!” 
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    gguenot said:
    My new rule is: don't watch any show beyond season 1 unless the creators have set a limit of 3 seasons, or the entire show has already been released and reviewed. I wasted years caring about The Walking Dead. I wasted years caring about Game of Thrones. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again.
    Let me know what the outdoors is like now that you have a bunch of time on your hands
    Don't @ me.
    He didn’t @you. He quoted you. 
  • STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Trailer TEASER (2018)

    Don’t really get the point of that trailer. Was it supposed to get cougars hyped for the new season? Seems like a weird choice. 
  • Chernobyl. Episode 2: Please Remain Calm

    gguenot said:
    Hatorian said:
    Jeffrey said:
    What's mind-blowing about the final scene in this episode is that none of the three guys died immediately from radiation poisoning. (Maybe the suits were really really good?) One is still alive. Another died in 2005 of a heart attack. The third was still alive in 2015 but they've lost track of him.

    I know it’s historical non-fiction but you might want to put that as a spoiler. Especially the way the episode ended. Not everyone knows the minutia Of the incident. 
    Yea that actually bummed me out and kinda ruined the terror of that scene for me
    Yep. I read it and was like well shit. I’m sure there were no bad intentions and I’m sure poster just thought it was fine since it’s non fiction. the admins must be too busy managing the 30 game of thrones threads and fires. 
  • NBA 2018-2019 Thread

    Fucking hell man. Fuck the NBA. Fuck the lottery. Fuck the Bulls 7th pick. Fuck the lakers getting a 3rd pick. Shit is bullshit. I’m done